Altruist Rewards

Altruist Rewards

The Altruist Database is a free, publically accessible collection of anonymous genetic data. We do not sell or limit access the database. Anyone can access it at any time, including you! Visit the Altruist Database

  • Having access to genetic data allows researchers to make discoveries and advancements that benefit us all.
  • You’ll earn Altruist Rewards if you contribute your anonymous genetic data to the Altruist Database. It’s our way of thanking you for being an Altruist.

How to earn Altruist Rewards

To earn Altruist Reward points, simply designate one or more of your genetic data files an ’Altruist File.’

  • When you make a file an Altruist File, you’ll immediately start to earn Altruist Rewards points every minute of every day.
  • The more files you designate as Altruist Files, the more points you’ll earn.
  • You can decide to turn off the Altruist designation at any time.
    • If you turn off the Altruist designation, your genetic data in that file will be removed from the Altruist Database and you’ll no longer receive Altruist Rewards for that file.
  • Change your mind again? No problem – simply designate that file an Altruist File once more and you’ll continue earning rewards.


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