Copying file to a folder

To copy a file to your custom folder(s):

  1. Go to the My Data page and find the file you want to copy.
    • The file will be located in one of the following folders:
      • My Uploaded Files
      • Files Shared with Me
      • Saved from My Apps
  2. Under the Options column (the last column on the right) click the copy icon: 
    Copy file to folder icon
  3. Select the custom folder(s) that you want the file to be copied into and click the ‘Copy File’ button
    • The file will immediately appear in all of the folders that you select.

Additional information:

  • While a copy of a file can be created, a copy of the original file will always remain in its original folder.
    • For example, if you copy a file from your My Uploaded Files folder to a custom folder, the original file will remain in the My Uploaded Files folder.
  • You can only copy files to your custom folders.

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