Create a new download link

  1. If a download file has been disabled and you want to generate a new, active download link for that file, find the file in your My Files tab.
  2. Under the options column for that file, click the Download icon: 
    Download file icon
  3. A new download link will automatically appear.
    • The link will immediately become active and can then be used to download that file at any time.
    • Any previous download links for that file always remain disabled. Only the new download link will be functional.

You can disable the current download link and then create a new download link for a file an unlimited number of times.

Files larger than 1 GB require a special download link to be generated by the Support Team. This includes any files stored in your account such as files you may have uploaded or imported as well as files generated by apps, such as EvE Premium. 

Please contact Support to obtain a special download link for files larger than 1 GB.

In your request, please include the full filename including file extension. Special download links will be generated and emailed to you within two business days.

Due to browser limitations, if you attempt to download a large file without first obtaining a special download link from Support, you may see an error message and your download will fail.

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