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Reference genomes

List of Human Reference Genomes at

Current default reference genome: GRCh38.p13

Human reference genomes are preloaded and ready for you to use with any DNA app. We also include many of the historical reference genomes in order to facilitate studies and analysis that require these earlier references.

New builds are added as they become available from the Genome Reference Consortium (GRC).

When you use an app, the reference genome can be autodetected or manually selected. Autodetection provides simplicity while manual selection gives you full control.

Learn more about reference genome autodetection


Reference Genome (preloaded and ready to use) Date
GRCh38.p13 Mar 2019
GRCh38.p12 Dec 2017
GRCh38.p6 Dec 2015
GRCh38.p5 Sep 2015
GRCh38.p4 Jun 2015
GRCh38.p3 Apr 2015
GRCh38.p2 Dec 2014
GRCh38.p1 Oct 2014
hg38 / GRCh38 Jan 2014
hg19 / NCBI137 / GRCh37 Feb 2009
hg19 / NCBI137 / GRCh37 (1000 Genomes Project) Feb 2009
hg18 / NCBI136 Mar 2006
hg18 / NCBI136 Female (1000 Genomes Project) Mar 2006
hg18 / NCBI136 Male (1000 Genomes Project) Mar 2006
hg17 / NCBI135 May 2004
hg16 / NCBI134 Jul 2003
hg15 / NCBI133 Apr 2003
hg13 / NCBI131 Nov 2002
hg12 / NCBI130 Jun 2002
hg11 / NCBI129 Apr 2002
hg10 / NCBI128 Dec 2001
hg8 Aug 2001
hg7 Apr 2001
hg6 Dec 2000
hg5 Final Jan 2001
hg5 Preliminary Oct 2000
hg4 Sep 2000
hg2 Jun 2000