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Helping Children, Together

If you know of a child that may benefit from being part of Genomes in Need, please let us know by submitting a Support Request.

Genomes In Need enables genetic researchers, bioinformaticians and the global community to work together to analyze the genomes of children with severe, undiagnosed diseases. 

Genomes In Need focuses on babies and children that suffer from an unknown disease that gets worse each day. Fortunately, there is hope.

When the genetic cause of the disease has been identified, doctors have been able to implement life-saving treatments and even cures for some of the children.⁠1,⁠2,⁠3,⁠4 Time is therefore of the essence in identifying the genetic cause of their disease.

Working together, we can solve these medical mysteries and provide hope for these children.

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Participating in Genomes in Need is entirely free. All information and knowledge contributed to Genomes In Need are open source and publically available to all.

All data and information, including medical reports, are de-identified so that the child and the family remain anonymous.

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