Improve Your Dante Labs Data

Improve your Dante Labs Data with One Genome Technology

One Genome is a new technology that automatically combines the highest quality DNA data from each of your DNA data files together into a single enhanced virtual genome.

Obtain a single, enhanced virtual genome

If you have DNA data from multiple test providers, such as Dante Labs and 23andMe and MyHeritage, One Genome will use the highest quality data from each file to generate your genome.

While WGS data is far more comprehensive than genotyping tests, WGS data will always have some low-quality calls. Data from other tests you’ve taken, such as a 23andMe test, may then be used in place of a low-quality WGS call. Imputation is also used to ensure your virtual genome is as complete as possible (more complete than just WGS data alone).

Ensure your genome contains the most up-to-date data on all genetic variations

One Genome Technology is especially powerful if you have your FASTQ or BAM files stored in your account. One Genome processes will process your FASTQ or BAM (or both) using a highly advanced pipeline so that your virtual genome always contains the most comprehensive, up-to-date data on all genetic variations.

This includes aligning your genome to the current reference genome (GRCh38 instead of GRCh37 used by Dante Labs) as well as generating data for all genetic variations (SNP, INDEL, CNV, SV and MITO) aligneed to GRCh38.

Whenever there’s an update to the pipeline, your virtual genome will be automatically re-generated. This ensures your enhanced virtual genome is always up-to-date.

Apps analyze your genome instead of individual data files

Once One Genome is applied to your account and your enhanced virtual genome is generated, you’ll be able to use DNA analysis apps simply by selecting your genome. Instead of having to decide which file is best to use with an app (and potentially using an app multiple times to obtain full analysis of all variations in your genome), when you start an app with your virtual genome, the app will automatically process your entire genome.

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