Altruist ID

Searches provide aggregate results of the entire database or a subset of the database (such as restricting the search to only female or only genomes with a specific BRCA1 variant). For those who want to delve deeper into a specific genome, the results can be filtered down to individual genomes that each have their own Altruist ID.

Each genome (or the genetic data obtained from a file) in the Altruist Database is identified by an Altruist ID. All of the Altruist IDs are accessible by apps so that you can use your apps to analyze individual Altruist genomes.

To use an Altruist genome with one of your apps, start the app and above the File Selector that appears check the ‘Altruist’ box. All of the Altruist IDs will be listed and you can scroll through or search for the Altruist files of interest.

*To protect the genetic data of the Altruist, individual Altruist genomes can be accessed, they cannot be downloaded or saved to a local computer.


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