Altruist Database

A free, open database of genotypic, phenotypic and interpretation data

The Altruist® Database is an open data (data sharing) initiative of This free, publicly accessible database contains genotypic, phenotypic and genetic interpretation data from Altruists (people who have chosen to contribute their anonymous genetic data).

The Altruist Database allows anyone to both search and analyze the data. Search and analysis results can easily be saved and shared with others. All for free.

Anyone who uploads genetic data files into their account can choose to contribute specific files to the Altruist database.*  If a person contributes one or more files, they remain in full control and can easily choose at any time to have their contributed data removed from the Altruist database.

Access the Altruist Database

Ability to contact the individual who contributed the data

The Altruist Database provides the unique ability for researchers, healthcare professionals and organizations to request to be put in contact with Altruists (the individuals who contributed their data). While the identity of each Altruist is protected (all Altruist data within the Altruist Database is anonymous), does provide a process that allows for Altruists to choose whether they want to provide their contact information.

Learn more about contacting individual Altruists


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*By default, all files uploaded to a account are not included in the Altruist Database. To contribute a file, a person must specifically ‘opt in’ by navigating to their My Files page and changing the Altruist toggle button for that file from ‘No’ to ‘Yes’. Contributing is optional and a person is under no obligation to ever contribute files to the Altruist Database.

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