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How to make a file an Altruist File

When you upload or import a genetic data file into your account you have the option to designate that file an ‘Altruist File.’ Altruist Files become part of the Altruist Database, a philanthropic open-data initiative to help accelerate life-saving research.

By default, every file you upload or import is not an Altruist File. You must specifically opt-in for your file to become an Altruist File.

  • After uploading or importing a file into your account, go to your My Files page, locate your file in the folder ‘My Uploaded Files’.
  • Click the Altruist button to ‘On’ for that file.
    • The Altruist button is located to the left of every file.
  • Your file will automatically be cleansed of personally identifiable information and the data within the file will be anonymously added to the Altruist Database.
  • If you change your mind, you can turn ‘Off’ the Altruist designation for a file at any time. If you do, the file’s data will be removed from the Altruist Database.


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