Creating datasets

Datasets that consist of two files can be created on the My Data page. Click the +New Dataset button and select the two files to create a dataset. You can create datasets using files you’ve uploaded as well as files that are shared with you.

Once created, a dataset can be used with many apps. For example, if you create a dataset of two FASTQ files you’ll then be able to select that dataset when using the EvE app. 

If the population and/or gender have already been assigned to either file then the same information will be assigned to the dataset. If neither of the files have an assigned population or gender, this information can be selected at the time the dataset is created. You may also select N/A for population or gender if unknown.

Datasets can only be created with files that have one of the extensions listed below.* Both files must have the same extension.


*Please submit a Support Request to create a dataset with an extension not listed above.

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