Free trial apps

You can quickly add free trial apps to your account.

Free trial apps are similar to free apps except for one difference: free trial apps expire after a specified time period or number of uses.

If the price of the app is $0.00 or says Free Trial then the app is free. In the App Market, free trial apps will also have a green ‘Add to My Apps’ button.

In order to use a free trial app, the app must first be added to your account.

To add a free trial app to your account

  1. Find the app by visiting the App Market.
  2. Click the green ‘Add to My Apps’ button
  3. .That’s it! The app will immediately be added to your account.
    • To use the app, go to your My Apps page and click the ‘Start’ button for that app.
    • To monitor the amount of free trial remaining for that app, go to your Usage page.

After your free trial has ended you may continue using the app by purchasing the app’s paid version from the App Market.

The paid version of the app can be found by search for the app in the App Market (the paid version of the app will have the same name as the free trial app). You can also click on the app icon for the free trial app and at the top of that app’s information page will be a link to the paid version of the app.


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