App Results

You can store an unlimited number of app results in your account. There are no limits on file size or number of files.

After starting an app and clicking the ‘Submit’ button on the app setting’s page, your app will begin to process. Once completed, you will receive an email when your app results are ready for you to view. The email will also contain a secure link that will take you directly to the results. (You will have to be logged into your account for the link to work and to view the app results.)

You can also check the status of apps and view all of your app results at any time by clicking on Apps in the header of any page and then clicking on the Results tab.

Once your app results are ready you can then view, download and share the results. Your app results will be stored in the ‘Saved from my apps’ folder in your ⁠My Files page.

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Viewing results

Sharing results

Downloading results

Using results (with other apps)

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