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Become a Preferred Provider of Genetic Testing transforms the genetic data you generate into valuable information.

Genetic testing providers, personal genomics services, healthcare practices and laboratories can apply to join's Preferred Provider Network. is the world's only 'open' platform that turns genetic data into valuable information.

When you join the Preferred Provider Network:

  • your organization will receive free, unlimited storage of genetic data for each of your clients on a HIPAA-compliant platform
  • your testing laboratory will be able to use a special edition of Big Yotta file uploader that automatically creates a user account for each of your clients and securely uploads raw genetic data files of any size directly into each client's account
  • you'll receive authorization to use a special seal and state in marketing and product materials that your service is Compatible with Real-TimeTM apps
  • your service will benefit from the value-add of your clients being able to use their genetic data to power Apple and Android mobile apps  Available on the Apple App Store  Available for Android on the Google Play Store
    • the genetic data your organization generates will become compatible with all mobile Real-Time apps powered by patent-pending Real-Time Personalization® technology


To apply, submit a Support Request or email [email protected].

A team member will then contact you to discuss the straightforward application process.


To qualify for the Preferred Provider Network, your service must include:

  1. pcr, microarray, exome or whole genome sequencing
  2. testing conducted in a highly reputable laboratory
  3. outstanding customer service
  4. genetic data that is provided in a format verified to be fully compatible with all apps at
  5. the option for automatic import of genetic data directly from your testing laboratory into your client's accounts at
    • a free account will automatically be created for each of your clients
    • your clients will be able to securely access their genetic data and reports through their account


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