Contacting individual altruists

You can request to be put in contact with specific altruists (the individuals who submitted their genetic data to the Altruist Database).


When a community member designates a file an ‘Altruist File,’ the file is de-identified and the file’s genotypic data is entered into the Altruist Database. Each file that is entered into the database is assigned an Altruist ID.

Whenever anyone performs a search of the Altruist Database, all Altruist IDs that match the search criteria are provided in the search results. understands that while the data in the Altruist Database can help accelerate discoveries, sometimes it is most helpful to be connected directly to the individuals who submitted the genetic data. 

Process (Submitting a contact request)

To request to be put in contact with specific individuals:

1) Using the Altruist Database, identify the Altruist IDs that you want to contact.

2) Submit a Support Request and include the following information

  • Your full name
  • Company or organization name
  • Your email
  • Your phone number
  • Specify the reason(s) why you want to be put in contact with individual altruists?
  • How do you plan to interact with these individuals?
    • For example: ask them to fill out a questionnaire, participate in a study, test a product or service, etc.
  • Include the list of Altruist IDs that you want to contact.
  • Specify whether your request is time sensitive (if there is some urgent need to contact these individuals)

3) will contact you to verify your information, further discuss the process and the fee for submitting a contact request.

4) If accepts your request, we will email each individual altruist and provide information about who you and your purpose for wanting to contact them.

5) We will connect you with each individual that authorizes us to release their contact information to you.

Additional information

Individuals who have opted-out of receiving ’Additional Offers’ will not be emailed.

  • Anyone with an account at can opt-out (or opt back in) at any time by navigating to Settings > Altruism Rewards.

Individuals must specifically authorize us to release their contact information to you.

  • Individuals who refuse your request or who do not respond will not be included. We will not provide any information about these individuals.

Incentives increase the likelihood of an individual accepting your contact request.

  • Incentives may include gift cards, free or discounted products or services, special designations (such as digital badges) that can be shared via Social Media or even letters of gratitude.
  • We will specify the incentive you are offering when we email the altruist individuals with your contact request.

The fee for submitting contact request will depend on the number of Altruist individuals that are being contacted.

  • Discounts may be available for non-profits, small research organizations and early-stage companies.

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