Altruist Center

Genomes In Need

Genomes In Need

Helping children, together.

Crowdsourcing initiative to help children who have a severe, undiagnosed illnesses.

Contribute your brainpower to help:

  • Analyze a sick child's genome
  • Discover the genetic cause of the child's illness
  • Identify potential treatments and cures

Altruist Database

Altruist Database

Helping humankind, together.

Free global data sharing initiative that accelerates research and discoveries.

Includes data from public sequencing initiatives and Altruists (people who donate their genetic data).

Search, analyze and share:

  • genotypic data
  • phenotypic data
  • interpretation data

Altruism Rewards

Altruism Rewards

Help others, earn rewards.

Your genetic data can help save lives.

The more Altruism you have, the more points you earn, the more lives you save.

Earn reward points by:

  • contributing data to the Altruist Database
  • using Apps
  • referring people to