Altruist Endeavor

Do you want to be an Altruist?

Your anonymous genetic data can help researchers make discoveries that benefit us all.

Researchers thrive on data and genetic research is no different. Lack of data, however, is delaying research. The great news is that you can help! Not by donating money or time but instead by choosing for your genetic data be part of our Altruist Endeavor.

When your genetic data is uploaded to you’ll have the unique ability to designate your genetic data as an “Altruist File.” If you choose to be an Altruist, all personal information is removed from the file and the data is anonymously entered into the Altruist Database.

Anonymous: All genetic data is anonymous. We use protective protocols to make sure that no one will be able to associate your data with you.

You’re in Control: When your account contains genetic data files, you can decide at any time which files, if any, you want to designate as Altruist files. And if at any time you decide you no longer want to contribute your data, it is easy to instantly turn off this option. You’re always in full control via your account at

Forever Free: Access to the Altruist Database is always free. We never sell or make money with your data. Researchers from anywhere in the world can access the Altruist Database for free.

Open Source: We donated the software code that is used to access the Altruist Database to the public so it is now freely available to the world. We did this because we believe in open source and that the greatest advancements are achieved through global collaboration.

How do I become an Altruist?
The process is simple. Just register for a free account, upload your genetic data and select the option to designate that file as an Altruist file. Storing genetic data in your account is secure and forever free.

Who pays for this? donates the time and expense of creating and maintaing the Altruist Database. The Altruist Endeavor is not-for-profit and does not make any money from it. We do this because we strongly believe that open access to data can greatly benefit the world and that the Altruist Endeavor will herald amazing discoveries that lead to cures and prevention and life-saving insights.

For the technical gurus
The Altruist Database utilizes a highly advanced Hadoop cluster.’s Hadoop implementation has been fully customized and optimized for genetic data storage in-order to provide ultra fast, extremely robust querying of massive amounts of rapidly growing Big Data.

The code for the database schema and the Altruist API are available at Github. We invite you to create your own tools and apps, which you can host or we’ll happy to host them for you and you can also make them available for free via the app store.