Athletic Training Pro DNA Analysis App | Genetic Reports
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Athletic Training Pro: Training tailored to you

Genetically tailored guidance for maximizing your athletic potential.

  • Actionable gene-based insight about which specific exercises and nutrition plans will help you achieve your athletic goals.
  • Straightforward assessment of your risk for fitness-related injuries.
  • Comprehensive evaluation of your genes for risk of nutritional deficiencies that can impact your training, such as vitamins and minerals.
  • Empowering information about your genetic predisposition towards specific personality traits that will enable you to design a training plan optimized for both your mind and body.


Sample Report


This app provides a comprehensive, empowering assessment of:

  • Achilles Tendinopathy
  • Addictive Personality
  • Aerobic performance
  • Anger Response
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rupture
  • Bitter Taste Sensitivity
  • Carb Overconsumption
  • Choline Deficiency
  • Coenzyme Q10 Deficiency
  • Creativity
  • Difficulty in Losing Weight
  • Elite Endurance Athletes
  • Endurance
  • Exercise Benefits for Maximal Oxygen Uptake Response
  • Experiential Learning Impairment
  • Extraversion
  • Fat Overconsumption
  • Glutathione Deficiency
  • Grass Allergy Resistance
  • Heartbeat Reduction Difficulty
  • Histamine Intolerance
  • Impulsivity
  • Joint Flexibility
  • Joint Injury Risk
  • Leadership Potential
  • Lean Body Mass Potential
  • Low Protein Intake Risk
  • Low Vegetable Intake
  • Muscle Cramping
  • Muscle Damage Risk
  • Muscle Response to Resistance Training
  • Muscle Soreness
  • Muscle Strength Loss
  • Muscular Strength
  • Optimism
  • Overall Fitness Benefits
  • Overall Tendon and Ligament Injury Risk
  • Power
  • Sensitivity to Sun
  • Skeletal Muscle Performance
  • Slow Muscle Repair
  • Stress Fracture
  • Vitamin D Deficiency
  • Warrior Personality
  • Worrier Personality


Powered by's Universal Compatibility technology, this app is compatible with DNA data from all DNA tests.

Test Compatibility     Format Compatibility
Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)     FASTQ
Exome Sequencing     FASTA
Dante Labs     BAM
23andMe     SAM
AncestryDNA     CRAM
MyHeritage     VCF
Genes for Good     GVCF
Living DNA     gVCF
HomeDNA     TXT
Silverberry Genomix     TAB
Toolbox Genomics     gz and zip compressed files
Helix     almost all other genetic data formats
almost all other genetic tests

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