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Transform your DNA into clear solutions for better health. Created by physicians and clinical geneticists, this report analyzes your DNA and provides straightforward, actionable, personalized guidance for protecting and optimizing your health.

$129 per genome

*Works Best With Whole Genome Sequencing

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Transform your DNA into clear solutions for better health.

Created by physicians and clinical geneticists, this report analyzes your DNA and provides straightforward, actionable, personalized guidance for protecting and optimizing your health.


The report analyzes your genetic risk of a wide range of preventable diseases. You'll learn what path your genes are putting you on for diseases such as cancer and heart disease.


Knowing your risk means having the chance to lower it. The report provides you with an actionable report that provides clear solutions for optimizing your health.


Be proactive and use the information obtained from your genes to protect your health.


Preventable Diseases

This app analyzes a wide range of preventable diseases, conditions, and medication reactions including:

  • cancer, including  skin,  breast,  colon,  and  other  forms  of  cancer
  • heart disease and heart attack
  • harmful medication reactions
  • optimal medication dosage
  • preventable causes of sudden death
  • multiple sclerosis
  • blood clot disorders
  • bleeding abnormalities


A Straightforward, Useful DNA Report

A personalized plan of disease prevention may allow you and your doctor to significantly reduce your risk of a large number of diseases and even prevent many from ever forming.

Analysis of your genes may also allow you and your doctor to understand how your body will react to a wide range of medications so that he or she can prescribe those that are likely to be most effective and least harmful.

Disease Prevention

Learn your risk for, and ways to personalize your prevention of, dozens of common diseases such as 

  • Cancer,  including  skin,  breast,  colon,  and  other  forms  of  cancer
  • Heart disease, including an extensive screening for preventable causes of  arrhythmias  (an  abnormal  heartbeat  that  can  lead  to  sudden death in adults, children, and even babies), coronary artery disease and heart attack
  • Obesity, multiple sclerosis, blood clot disorders, bleeding abnormalities and more.

Medication Guidance

Discover the most effective medications and the optimal dosing based on your genes, as well as what medications to avoid because they are likely to cause harmful side effects.

Outsmart Your Genes

Genes play a significant role in determining who you are.  They dictate not only your physical appearance and many of your personality traits but also your risk for disease and how your body will respond to certain medications. In addition, your genes determine your risk of passing on diseases to your children.  

For most common diseases, such as many forms of cancer, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, diabetes and obesity, genes are just one of the factors that determine your risk.  Non-genetic factors, such as your lifestyle (what specific foods and beverages you consume, the amounts and types of exercises you perform), the medications you take, and the medical screening procedures you have (colonoscopies, full body skin exams, etc.) may also contribute to overall disease risk and prevention.


Learn More About Your DNA and Health

Our new Education Center provides useful information about the latest advancements and discoveries that may impact your DNA and your health. New articles are added every week based on recently published genetic research.


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