Prevention Magazine Recognizes Outsmart Your Genes to Promote the Power of DNA

Prevention Magazine recently featured Outsmart Your Genes - a book by Dr. Brandon Colby, MD - as their cover story about the power of DNA in helping to live a healthier life.

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It is with great honor that ⁠Prevention Magazine chose to reference my book, ⁠Outsmart Your Genes in a recent issue. The article discusses that while we can’t change our genetic makeup, our genes do not have to be our fate and that through genetic testing, we can control our health destiny.

A quote from the book describes that genes only determine one possible path: “You possibly can consider your genes like a street map of doable routes, whereas your genes could imply your street map has paths that go towards heart disease or Alzheimer’s, these paths aren’t set in stone – they’re simply potentialities laid out by your genes.”

Nature vs. nurture is a common debate regarding what determines a person’s risk of medical conditions. Is it your genes or is it your environment? The answer is usually: both!

Most ailments are decided by a combination of genetic and nongenetic elements. This means that decreasing your risk for certain medical conditions is possible by making changes to your environment, such as lifestyle changes, taking specific medications and supplements, and having (or even avoiding!) certain medical exams.

The Value of DNA Testing to Live a Healthier Life

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Being able to know what your DNA holds is a gift. This gift should be used to its fullest potential to ensure you live a healthy life and maximize longevity.

The objective of Outsmart Your Genes is to educate on the ⁠power of DNA testing and predictive medicine. Countless people every year purchase our ⁠whole genome sequencing service to learn as much as possible about their genes. Why? They want to take back control from their genes by learning what path their genes are putting them on, and how best to change that path so it’s heading towards a healthier, longer life.

Every one of us has genes that regulate how our bodies function. Some of the genes are mutated, leading to them not functioning optimally. This leads to genetic conditions or susceptibility to certain medical conditions.

Being able to examine what genetic changes you have in your DNA puts you in more control of your future. This is because the information derived from ⁠genetic analysis can help you make choices that counteract what harmful genes are doing.

How Genetic Testing Prevents Medical Conditions

An example of how genetic testing can prevent medical conditions is knowing whether you have the ⁠BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, which increases your risk of developing breast cancer.

Someone who has discovered through ⁠genetic testing for breast cancer that they have genetic variations (mutations) in their BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes that increase the risk of breast cancer can start working with health care professionals on ⁠preventive measures for breast cancer long before cancer even develops.

Genetic testing can put people on the path of prevention by decreasing the risk of disease. The path of prevention is usually much more easily traveled and preferred compared to the alternative, which is traversing the path of treatment and recovery after a disease has manifested.

The same can be said for wellness. ⁠Genetic testing for weight loss has become highly popular because people have discovered that they may be battling not only the media’s sensationalism of food but their own genetic makeup.

By taking a ⁠weight loss DNA test, people can learn what genes may be working against them when trying to lose weight AND find out what foods are best to eat so their body functions optimally leading to weight loss.

Those thinking of conceiving can turn to ⁠genetic testing that can help protect their future baby. Knowing your ⁠carrier status for genetic abnormalities can help people decide if they want to move forward with conception and, if they do, what they can do to ensure their baby is as healthy as possible at birth and throughout the rest of his/her life.

Genetic counseling is also growing in popularity because of all the advancements made in genomics. Genetic counseling can be an important part of creating a personalized, genetically tailored plan for disease prevention, especially if genetic testing identifies an increased risk of disease. 

Sharing DNA Knowledge for the Greater Good

It’s quite an honor to have ⁠Prevention Magazine reference my book in their article as it helps achieve its goal - sharing how DNA can help people live healthier, longer lives.

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A ⁠DNA App Store is also now available! It includes a wide variety of DNA analysis apps and reports that enable you to learn as much as possible about your genetic makeup. The app store is regularly updated with apps as genomics researchers discover more about DNA and its influence on our health and wellness.

Readers who have already taken a DNA test with another testing company, such as ⁠23andMe, ⁠Ancestry.comMyHeritage, ⁠LivingDNA, and ⁠similar companies, can ⁠upload the DNA raw data file and then use DNA analysis apps and reports in the ⁠DNA App Store to learn a lot more about their DNA.

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Embrace the knowledge your DNA holds and learn how to use your DNA to live a healthier, happier, and longer life!

Photo of DNA Test Kits
Photo of DNA Test Kits

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Photo of DNA Test Kits

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