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Nutrition Report

Published by Athletigen Technologies

A comprehensive overview of how your DNA influences your body's response to your diet.

$69.99 per genome

App icon for the Nutrition Report DNA app from Athletigen in's genome market that analyzes DNA data and provides personalized fitness and genetically tailored physical performance analysis for all DNA tests including 23andMe, Ancestry, Helix, FamilyTreeDNA, Dante Labs, MyHeritageDNA, Living DNA, HomeDNA, Veritas Genetics, Vitagene, DanteLabs, 24Genetics, tellmeGen, NGS and Whole Genome Sequencing WGS.

Comprehensive Nutrition Insights

Athletigen’s Nutrition Report is a comprehensive overview of how your DNA influences your body's response to your diet. With insights for over 40 nutrients, ranging from Vitamin A through minerals, and saturated fats to sugar, the Nutrition Report helps you understand how your genes influence how effectively your body uses the nutrients found in your food.


Who is the Nutrition Report for?

Understanding how your body responds to your diet is key to healthy living. This report is for anybody who is concerned about their health and is ready to make some positive changes.



Nutrigenomics is the study of how your gene variants and nutrition interact to impact your health and wellbeing. This information provides an overview of the metabolic efficiency of key nutrients that support the recovery of your body after exercise. 


Whether it’s supplementing your diet to address low absorption of specific vitamins and minerals or adjusting your diet based on your unique metabolism, we have the answers for you.


Report Topics


Using DNA data to understand how efficiently your body responds to and uses the vitamins that you consume every day can empower you to tailor your diet to your specific nutritional needs. In this section, you will learn how to improve your intake of:

Water-soluble vitamins that help your body in the production of energy and growth Fat-soluble vitamins that help maintain eye, skin, blood cell, and bone health. Vitamin D that is made by your body when you spend time in the sun, but is harder to obtain during the winter without supplementation.



Minerals are an essential part of your diet that are used to build bones and teeth, send signals through your nervous system, and trigger contractions in your muscles. Improve your understanding of your body's response to major minerals, including calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, electrolytes like sodium, and potassium, and trace minerals like copper and iron.


Macronutrients are the carbohydrates, fats, and proteins that your body uses for energy, and the building blocks of your cells. Poor metabolism, caused by genetic variants or overeating, can impact the usage and storage of macronutrients and potentially impact your health and wellbeing.



Certain foods can react with your body in undesirable ways, by being difficult to digest or by kicking your immune system into action. Find out if your genetic variants make you sensitive to your diet.

Compatible with 20+ DNA Tests

This app analyzes data from other DNA tests & genome sequencing services including 23andMe, Ancestry, MyHeritage and more.

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