Covid-19 severe outcomes genetic analysis for cytokine storm

COVID-19: Your Genetic Risk of Cytokine Storm

Find out if you're at genetic risk of one of the most feared outcomes of COVID-19 called 'cytokine storm.'

Cytokine storm is a potentially life-threatening overreaction of the immune system that can be triggered by COVID-19. When a cytokine storm occurs, it usually requires intensive care treatment and may lead to death.

New studies show that out-of-control immune response is a major cause of death among young, previously healthy patients infected with coronavirus.

Some individuals are predisposed to over-activation of the immune system by their own DNA. This app analyzes your DNA for a known genetic risk factor of cytokine storm.

This app generates a personalized report that includes:

  • a coronavirus genetic risk analysis
  • treatment options to consider in case of coronavirus infection
  • The Food and Supplement Guide For the Coronavirus by Chris Masterjohn, PhD 


Sample Report


This app reports individual genetic risk for severe outcomes of COVID-19 infection caused by high IL-6 levels promoting the cytokine storm condition. Additional coronavirus risk assessment is available with the Coronavirus DNA Health Assessment.

Up to 20 percent of symptomatic coronavirus infected individuals require hospitalization, with 5 percent overall in need for intensive care. While the elderly or individuals with underlying chronic health problems are at a higher risk of mortality, younger and generally healthy people have also succumbed to severe Covid-19 illness.

Studies emerging from China suggest that many patients who died of Covid-19 had an overly-active immune response that lead to their death1. This response, known as “cytokine storm”, is responsible for at least some of the serious and fatal cases among previously healthy, young patients2.

Cytokines are small proteins with a big role in activating elements of the immune system. IL-6 is a key pro-inflammatory cytokine crucial for normal function of our immune system. However, upregulation of IL-6 during certain viral infections may promote virus survival and/or exacerbation of clinical disease1. High levels of IL-6 produced in infected lungs lead to fatal organ dysfunction if left untreated 3.

Past experience showed that treating cytokine storms brought about by viral infections and autoimmune diseases have reduced death rates to as low as 27 percent of all expected deaths7. Blockade of the IL-6 cytokine has recently been reported to be in use in China with successful outcomes in individuals receiving this as part of their treatment4-6.

The genetic background of individuals may predispose them to higher IL-6 levels6-12,4. Polymorphisms in the IL-6 and IL-6 receptor genes, carried by 10-30% of the population, influence the magnitudes of common cold viruses5 and susceptibility to rapid decline in lung function6.

Testing genetic markers can significantly predict plasma IL-6 levels7–9. Get GeneInformed and discover your tendency for high IL-6 levels, risk for cytokine storms and proposed therapeutic avenue.

Complete Genome Analysis provides a comprehensive assessment of your DNA.

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