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We’ve all heard of the “Freshman 15” but now we have a new challenger: “Quarantine 15.” It’s no secret that the global pandemic has been extremely stressful for us. Psychology Today says research shows any stress we feel can alter our overall food intake, which can lead to either under- or overeating.

Personalized weight loss DNA test

Are you unhappy with your body? Have you gained weight and now feel bad about it? It’s okay. That weight is not permanent - you can lose the weight and it DOES NOT have to be as hard as you’re anticipating.

How to Make Losing Weight Easier

Losing weight isn’t as hard as you think. It really comes down to understanding your body and what it needs.

Every single one of us has a different body. If everyone ate the exact same foods and exercised the exact same way, our bodies would still be different. Why? The way each person’s body function differs.

The solution to losing weight easier and faster is knowing how your body processes food, and well, how it handles exercise too. When it comes down to it, those are the two factors in losing weight.

But wait, you’re probably thinking, “It’s just counting calories and running as much as you can, so you’re not telling me anything new.”

Well, hold on – there’s more.

You don’t REALLY know how your body is dealing with the calories you’re taking in and the running you’re doing.

Diet and exercise aren’t always effective in losing weight.

What most people are missing is understanding what their body prefers as far as foods and what the body does better when it comes to exercising.

Cardio may seem like the best way to burn calories, but what if weight training causes you to build more muscle that would end up burning way more calories than you would with all of that running you’re doing?

Let’s talk about carbs. You may be on the keto diet, but what if you’re on it for no reason because you don’t have a carb sensitivity. Even worse – what if you have a fat sensitivity and that’s why you can’t lose weight even though you’re calorie counting, intermittent fasting, and running 50 miles a week?

The information you need to make your weight loss easier is available with your DNA.

Did you know in a study of people who dieted and exercising according to their DNA, they lost two to three times more weight than those who didn’t?

Think about it… It makes complete sense.

When you know how your body responds to what you’re eating and physically doing, you’ll be able to do what WORKS instead of wasting time TRYING what people are saying works for every single person (there is no one size fits all when it comes to losing weight).

Personalized health reports through free apps, such as DNA Diet, Lean and Fit, and Vitamins DNA Wellness Report breakdown your genetic information from a DNA test and show you what changes you can make when it comes to diet, fitness, and vitamin consumption. 

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What does the DNA Diet App Offer Me?

The one-diet fits all way of thinking is outdated and we’ve seen that they don’t work the same way for everyone, because of small variations within our DNA that cause our bodies to react differently. So why risk your health following a fad diet when it might not be the best for your body? A detailed report in the DNA Diet app will provide you with roughly 24 pages of information catered to you based on your genetic makeup.

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How can you use your information from the DNA Diet report?

If you’ve struggled with eating right in the past, this report can offer you insight into whether you are predisposed to engage in emotional eating, and have a higher sensitivity to fat storage and fast foods. Lifetime habits are incredibly difficult to change, and it won’t happen right away. But referencing the tips daily can significantly help with motivation and lead you to the results you want to see. 

You can expect to find expert recommendations personalized to your genes, such as what your daily protein intake should be as well as if you should be following a high vs. low carb diet. So from there, you’ll have the knowledge to write up your own meal plan of what foods you need to cut back on and which ones you need to introduce more of.

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What does the Lean and Fit App Offer Me?

When it comes to weight loss, pairing a solid workout plan with a well-balanced diet is crucial to improving your overall health. So it’s important you find a routine that works best for your body.

The Lean and Fit app analyzes your genes and tells you everything you need to know in order to maximize your workouts for the best results. Across an 80-page report, you’ll be provided with a breakdown of exercise strategy, nutrition, psychology, and skincare recommendations.

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How can I use my information from the Lean and Fit report?

Instead of spending all of your time researching basic exercise routines, you’ll now have the knowledge of which forms of exercise are better suited for your body. Your time can now be focused on actually exercising!

For example, a genetic trait examined in the report is aerobic performance. If your results come back saying you have a “slightly elevated advantage” then your body can handle a more strenuous workout than the average person.

With this information, you can plan how many minutes of your workout you should be dedicated to aerobic performance. And if you’ve hit the pause button on exercise during quarantine, there are recommendations on how to safely get started again.

This report also goes beyond fitness advice, other traits examined focus on your metabolism and diet. Examples of these traits include carb overconsumption, fat overconsumption, low protein intake risk, and low-carb diet effectiveness.

You’ll know exactly what types of food your metabolism responds best to for weight loss, and from there you can write up a detailed meal plan that will be personalized to your body.

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What does the Vitamins DNA Wellness Report Offer Me?

The Vitamins DNA Wellness Report analyzes the genes that are associated with vitamin levels, including how your body absorbs and metabolizes them.

The personalized 12-page report can guide you through how to optimize your vitamin intake so you can better improve your health on top of diet and exercise. Common vitamins such as A, B9, B12, C, D, E, and K will come with their own genetic analysis. 

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The beginning of the report starts off with an overall summary of which types of vitamins you are more at risk of being deficient in. What follows is information on what vitamins are and how your genetics can affect the way your body absorbs vitamins. And from there you’ll be provided tips and suggestions on how to supplement your diet with the correct vitamins. 

How can I use my information from the Vitamin DNA Wellness report?

Oftentimes we know what kinds of foods we need to have in our diet, but in reality, it’s difficult to eat those foods regularly. And what happens is our bodies end up missing out on those important vitamins and nutrients to keep everything running smoothly. This can be a result of not having easy access to these foods or having an allergy.

So once you know where you fall in terms of deficiency risk, you can examine your diet for problem areas and supplement with the correct vitamins. Because let’s be honest, vitamins can be expensive, so why waste your money taking ones you don’t actually need? 

How Did Customers Use Their Health Report Results?

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If you’re learning more about how our genes impact our ability to lose weight, the blog post What Does DNA Have To Do With Weight Loss is a great place to start. It’s a quick read that provides useful information about weight loss, DNA, and genetic testing.

The Ultimate DNA and Whole Genome Sequencing tests are currently being offered as a bundle deal with free access to the DNA Diet, Lean and Fit, and Vitamin DNA Wellness Report apps.

As we move on from our quarantine routines and back into our daily lives, it’s time to prioritize our health again. Take advantage of in-depth DNA analysis reports to see just what your body needs in order to look and feel its very best. For more information about what Sequencing.com has to offer, check out our blog.

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