Genome Sequencing

Single cell

What is Single Cell Whole Genome Sequencing?

Single cell whole genome sequencing unlocks the power of the genome to advance and simplify healthcare. Find out all about this innovative science here.

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Is Celiac Disease Genetic? Everything You Need to Know

If you are looking for ways to avoid or treat celiac disease, this guide can help. Here is the answer to the question, "Is celiac disease genetic?"

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Personalized weight loss DNA test

Lose Weight with Personalized Weight Loss Information Based on DNA

We’ve all heard of the “Freshman 15” but now we have a new challenger: “Quarantine 15.” It’s no secret that the global pandemic has been extremely stressful for us. Psychology Today says research shows any stress we feel can alter our overall food intake, which can lead to either under- or overeating.

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Father’s Day Ultimate DNA Kit

Get Dad the Ultimate DNA Kit for Father’s Day

Most DNA kits only test .1% of your DNA. Our DNA test gives you 50 times more data. Can you imagine the possibilities Dad will have at his fingertips? For Father’s Day, we’re offering 30% off all DNA Analysis Apps and Reports, $200 off Whole Genome Sequencing, and $120 off DNA Testing.

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How To Use Whole Genome Sequencing Raw Data Files

How To Use Whole Genome Sequencing Data

The straightforward guide to using whole genome sequencing data files from genome sequencing test providers such as, Dante Labs, Nebula Genomics and GeneDx.

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