Get Dad the Ultimate DNA Kit for Father’s Day

Most DNA kits only test .1% of your DNA. Our DNA test gives you 50 times more data. Can you imagine the possibilities Dad will have at his fingertips? For Father’s Day, we’re offering 30% off all DNA Analysis Apps and Reports, $200 off Whole Genome Sequencing, and $120 off DNA Testing.

Father’s Day Ultimate DNA Kit

Shopping for the men in your life is truly one of the most difficult tasks plaguing the modern world. Father’s Day is right around the corner and you probably have zero clue what your dad will want. So you give him a call or shoot him a quick text asking what he’d be interested in. More often than not you’re met with “oh, I don’t need anything” or “you don’t need to spend your money on me.” Infuriating, isn’t it? 

You’re not alone. Psychology Today states the reasoning for procrastination is simply because we don’t know how to approach the task. And when Dad doesn’t offer any insight, we’re stuck waiting until the last minute to find a gift. Which usually ends up with us giving him a gift card. Now there are the cliche gifts of booze, food, and sports, but that’s exactly what they are: cliche. And they never feel like they’re enough to express how much we appreciate our dads. 

So this year, why not give your dad a Father’s Day gift that will actually make a difference in his life? DNA testing kits have become quite popular over the past few years. Finally, we have access to so much data detailing our family’s ancestry. Before, we relied only on stories from our grandparents and even great-grandparents, but details get left out as generations pass on until we’re not quite sure what our family story is or where we came from. 

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Test more than just your ancestry.

The Ultimate DNA Test provides not only detailed family ancestry but also includes an insight into your personal health. Ever have a hard time getting your dad to go visit his doctor? There’s the widespread assumption that women are more likely than men to visit their doctor. And men in the U.S. tend to suffer from more severe chronic illnesses than their female counterparts. A study published in Social Sciences & Medicine examined how the social construct of masculinity influenced men in their decisions when it came to seeking their own healthcare. The widespread stereotype that concludes men don’t care as much about health as women is truly based on data — but what if we finally had the tech to fix that problem?

Ultimate DNA Test

It’s something you’ve probably noticed about your dad before. His excuse for not visiting the doctor may be, “Well, I don’t ever get sick.” Oftentimes, men don’t realize that being healthy doesn’t mean there’s not something going on undetected

Sometimes men just don’t have a great relationship with their doctor, which can make it even more difficult to get in the practice of going for an annual physical.’s Ultimate DNA Test provides a full screening that offers insight into your health, wellness, nutrition, fitness, children, and beauty. You’ll also receive access to data exploration, a relative finder, and genetic counseling. But what exactly does all of that information actually mean for you? 

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Under each of those categories, you can select from a wide variety of apps in our app market that are both free and available for additional purchase. This allows you to fully customize your data so you can focus on what information is important to you. You can purchase the Ultimate DNA Test for $69. And aside from getting access to a health screening and roughly 1% of your genome, you’ll also get 1 month of the Silver Membership as well as a Coronavirus DNA Health Report included in the $69. Did you know the leading competitor DNA kits only test about 0.1% of your genome? Our Ultimate DNA Test tests 1% of the genome, giving you a much more comprehensive understanding of yourself. 

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What’s the Whole Genome?

If your dad is looking to get into the nitty-gritty of his DNA, the Whole Genome Sequencing kit tests roughly 100% of your genome. What exactly is a genome? A genome is your complete set of DNA, which includes all of your genes. In humans, a copy of their entire genome is more than 3 billion DNA base pairs. Even though every human genome is roughly 99% the same, it’s the 1% that really makes each of us unique. 

What are the advantages of Whole Genome Sequencing?

This kind of testing is extremely beneficial when it comes to looking for genetic disorders and hereditary clues. Once you have the data, you can analyze whether you carry the specific genes that are associated with genetic disorders such as cystic fibrosis or sickle cell anemia. This can help you know if any children will carry those same genes. With the advancements in technology, Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) is starting to guide treatments for some of the more common types of cancer, such as colorectal cancer and melanoma. This data can let you know which cancer-treating medications are safe for you and which are not. So if your dad is resistant to visiting the doctor, this testing kit will be the wake-up call he needs to start caring about his health.

Whole Genome Sequencing

When you receive all of your data after completing your WGS, you can refer to our data viewer which will aid you in exploring the association between your genetic data and any diseases, conditions, traits, and medication reactions you may have. Included in the purchase of this kit, you’ll receive 1 month of the Silver Membership, a comprehensive coronavirus DNA health report, a wellness and longevity report, and a rare disease screening.

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How does rank compared to the other big-name brands?

There are over 50 different types of DNA testing kits on the market, all ranging from a wide variety of prices and features. The kit stands out from the rest, ranking higher than AncestryDNA and 23andMe among customers.


What if I already had my DNA tested with a different company?

Good news! is universally compatible with all DNA testing kits. If you’ve already tested your DNA using a kit from companies such as 23andMe and AncestryDNA you can easily import your data into

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So skip the cliche Father’s Day gifts this year and get your dad a gift he’d never think to get for himself. With a DNA Test, you can give your dad the gift of health by allowing him to take control of his ancestry and health. 

Each kit is currently on sale, for a one-time-only offer. The Ultimate DNA Test, which normally runs for $189, is being offered at just $69. With this test, your dad can learn about his family history and get a personal health screening. The Whole Genome Sequencing test is for the dads that are serious about DNA. This kit is normally offered at $599, but with the one-time offer, you can gift your dad the knowledge of his whole genome for only $399. For even more information about what has to offer, check out more on our blog.

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Photo of DNA Test Kits

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Photo of DNA Test Kits

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