DNA Testing

What is Single Cell Whole Genome Sequencing?

Single cell whole genome sequencing unlocks the power of the genome to advance and simplify healthcare. Find out all about this innovative science here.

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What’s the Most Private DNA Test On The Market?

In this article, you’ll learn the methods and techniques used in DNA testing. You will also know why privacy is important and why Sequencing is the best choice for accurate, private DNA testing.

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Is Celiac Disease Genetic? Everything You Need to Know

If you are looking for ways to avoid or treat celiac disease, this guide can help. Here is the answer to the question, "Is celiac disease genetic?"

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How Do You Know If You Have Gypsy Ancestry?

Wondering if you have Gypsy ancestry? Gypsies, or Rom as they’re known traditionally, have a long and unique history. Discover if you have Gypsy DNA.

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What is Ancestral Lineage Healing?

Ancestral lineage healing techniques can help shift established patterns and free you to live a better life. Find out more about this phenomenon, here.

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How Accurate is a Walgreens DNA Test?

When you first start thinking about a DNA test what questions come to mind? Why are you doing it? Are you wanting basic ancestry information? Do you want more in depth answers to health problems, genetic and diet information? The possibilities are endless!

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Father’s Day Ultimate DNA Kit

Get Dad the Ultimate DNA Kit for Father’s Day

Most DNA kits only test .1% of your DNA. Our DNA test gives you 50 times more data. Can you imagine the possibilities Dad will have at his fingertips? For Father’s Day, we’re offering 30% off all DNA Analysis Apps and Reports, $200 off Whole Genome Sequencing, and $120 off DNA Testing.

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