What is Ancestral Lineage Healing?

Ancestral lineage healing techniques can help shift established patterns and free you to live a better life. Find out more about this phenomenon, here.

Do you think about your family history and ancestors often? Do you have an ancestral connection? Do you want to get an ancestry test?

For some people, their ancestral lineage is not something they think about. Maybe their family tree has been hard to piece together. Maybe they can’t find any information past their great-great grandparents, or a common ancestor to piece everything together.

Or perhaps they feel disconnected because of colonization, family stories and other factors. Or they would rather cast their lineage aside and start afresh. But what if that lineage does not just go away?

In Western culture, death is often associated with an end. But there is also a beginning after death: you with DNA imprinted by your ancestry. Or another family member. Humans also go through many deaths throughout life, with endings and new beginnings changing the way they are.

But what happens when there has been ancestral trauma in your lineage? Or unhealthy habits that need to be broken? Whether you recognize something in your lineage to resolve or are experiencing difficulties in your own life, healing ancestral trauma can be the answer.

Read on for everything you need to know about ancestral healing techniques.

What Is Ancestral Healing?

Researchers have found just under 20,000 genes in the human body and around 3 billion DNA base pairs. Naturally, you share DNA with your ancestors and pick up behaviors from the family who raise you.

You can inherit habits, patterns, pain, and features from your ancestors. Indigenous people worldwide have been connecting to their ancestors for thousands of years in different ways; now, ancestral healing is becoming more popular in various therapy modalities and sequencing.

Ancestral healing aims to reveal and heal any inherited ancestral trauma, behaviors, and wounds. There are different ancestral healing techniques to use.

The Importance of Healing Ancestral Trauma

There is a variety of research to support the importance of healing ancestral trauma. It is partly why DNA genealogy, sequencing, and epigenetics have emerged as new fields of science to study DNA and why genes are expressed in different ways.

Ancestors are imprinted in your DNA and bloodlines whether you have an ancestral connection to them or not. Connecting and shifting ancestral trauma can help you resolve pain and behavioral patterns.

Have you ever wondered why you experience such strong emotions regarding certain behaviors? Have you tried therapy and not got the answers you wanted? It can be surprising how often you can connect ancestral trauma to certain emotions and behaviors.

When you heal ancestral trauma, you help stop patterns and other issues from passing to future generations. It is important to note that it is not to blame or disempower parents, as ancestral trauma is something they cannot control. You are taking the step to acknowledge trauma and change things for future generations. You are starting the healing process.

Ancestral Healing Research Findings

Researchers studied the extended period of famine known as the Dutch Hunger Winter during World War II. Pregnant women were especially vulnerable. Through genome sequencing and other methods, it has been found that their children have a specific chemical mark on their genes, making them more at risk of a range of issues, including schizophrenia, obesity, and diabetes.

Researchers have also found that the children of Holocaust survivors have inherited ancestral trauma that has manifested in different ways. Other traumatic events that have been studied include 9/11. However, even if your ancestral lineage was not involved in a significant traumatic event, humans experience many traumas throughout life that you can still inherit.

Ancestral Knowledge

So, where do you begin with healing ancestral trauma? The first step is to have ancestral knowledge. Many people do not know their family tree, so they cannot apply ancestral healing techniques.

First, talk to any family members, look at historical records; you may be surprised about the stories you did not know. The best way to gain ancestral knowledge is to complete sequencing or a DNA test.

You can learn where you are from and pinpoint any disease or other issues that link to your ancestral lineage. You will learn everything you need to know to understand your genes and ancestral lines.

Even if you think you know your lineage, it is still worth completing sequencing to ensure you do not miss anything. Studies have found that people’s athletic performance can even be impacted by their ancestral lineage.

But if you do not know the whole picture? This is why sequencing for ancestral knowledge is so important.

Ancestral Trauma Healing Techniques

There are a variety of ancestral trauma healing techniques to try. It can depend on the method you use to heal ancestral trauma. There is a range of techniques from personal work to shamanic healing and psychological therapies.

Usually, the first step is to look at your family tree after sequencing and begin to acknowledge all the traumas you know occurred. You can also research historical events if your ancestral lineage spans to different countries.

Understanding ancestral trauma is a form of narrative building. You can then observe if any patterns of behavior or emotions reoccur. You can also try meditative practices using guided meditation, looking back to generations past and forward to future generations.

You can also seek professional guidance for healing ancestral trauma. Therapies can include a type of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the Intergenerational Trauma Treatment Model. However, all techniques are about healing yourself, letting go, and forgiveness.

Other Benefits of Ancestral Knowledge

Healing ancestral trauma can also offer benefits such as uncovering positive aspects of self and ancestors too. You can reconnect to certain powers and even relatives through sequencing. Sequencing is helping many families reunite after displacement and ancestral trauma. That reconnection is priceless, especially after generations of trauma.

Plus, it is essential to remain connected to your ancestors and understand that they never really leave us. Ancestral lineage healing enables you to reconnect.

Start Ancestral Lineage Healing

Understanding your ancestral lineage and engaging in ancestral healing will benefit you and your relatives. You are honoring ancestral trauma and releasing it. Other family members will notice, as you begin to walk lighter without burden.

Are you ready to start your ancestral lineage healing journey? The first step is to know your family tree with DNA sequencing. Order your DNA sequencing kit today from the world’s largest platform.

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