Free Blood Type Test

Free Blood Type Test Using Your DNA

Your blood type is determined by your genes. This app analyzes your genes and identifies your blood type.

Upload your DNA data, start the app and you'll soon receive a report with your blood type.

If you have not yet taken a DNA test, order one now.


COVID-19: Susceptibility and Severity

Recent research indicates that people with blood type A have a higher risk for COVID-19 infection and also may have a higher risk of more severe COVID-19 infection while people with blood type O may have a lower risk for COVID-19 infection.

For example, Zhao (2020) found that blood group A was associated with a higher risk for acquiring COVID-19 compared with non-A blood groups, whereas blood group O was associated with a lower risk for the infection. A different study by Latz (2020) concluded that patients with blood types B and AB who received a test were more likely to test positive as were those who are Rh+ positive, and blood type O was less likely to test positive.


DNA Test Compatibility

This app can analyze data from almost any DNA test. While whole genome sequencing tests, such as Ultimate Genome Sequencing, obtain all of the DNA data required to determine your exact blood type, other DNA tests may not. If your DNA test does not contain sufficient data, this app will attempt to determine your most likely blood type.

For example, some versions of the tests offered by 23andMe and Ancestry may not obtain enough DNA data to determine your exact blood type. The reason for this is that the tests offered by 23andMe and Ancestry test less than 0.1% of your genome. This app will still analyze the data that is available and, whenever possible, will indicate your likely blood type, which will appear as two or more possible blood types.


Comprehensive Report

This free app provides a compact report of your blood type. For a comprehensive report of blood-related traits and conditions, including an extended analysis of blood type, please use the Blood Traits and Conditions DNA Report. This comprehensive report also includes an analysis of whether your blood type is likely to be Rh+ or Rh-.


Getting Started

This free blood type analysis is compatible with most DNA tests including 23andMe, AncestryDNA, and MyHeritage.

Simply upload your DNA data to use this app. If you haven't yet taken a DNA test, order one of our DNA tests.

Once your DNA data is stored in your account, click the app's 'Start' button. You'll receive your results in about 15 minutes.


You've already taken a DNA test
Our Universal DNA Compatibility enables this app to work with DNA data from almost any genetic test including 23andMe, Ancestry, MyHeritage, FTDNA and genome sequencing.
You need a DNA test
Our clinical-grade 30x Whole Genome Sequencing test obtains data on 100% of your genome.


Sample Report A

ABO Blood Type Sample DNA Report A


Sample Report B

ABO Blood Type Sample DNA Report B


This free blood type analysis with data from almost all DNA tests and genome sequencing services.



Test Compatibility   Format Compatibility   Variant Compatibility   Reference Genome Compatibility
Whole Genome Sequencing   FASTQ and FQ   SNP / SNV
(Single Nucleotide Variants)
  hg38 / GRCh38
Exome Sequencing   FASTA and FA       hg19 / GRCh37
Ultimate DNA Test   BAM       hg18 / GRCh36
23andMe   SAM       hg17 / GRCh35
AncestryDNA   CRAM        
MyHeritage   VCF        
Dante Labs   Genome VCF (gVCF and GVCF)        
Nebula Genomics   TXT        
Genes for Good   CSV        
Living DNA   TAB        
HomeDNA   gz and zip compressed files        
FTDNA   almost all other genetic data formats        
Silverberry Genomix            
Toolbox Genomics            
Full Genomes            
New Amsterdam Genomics            
almost all other genetic tests

If you haven't taken a DNA test, the free blood type analysis works great with our Ultimate DNA test and Ultimate Genome Sequencing service.

Your data is protected by our Privacy First policy. You own your data. We never share or share your data, including your DNA data, with anyone.


Ultimate DNA Test Kit

Ultimate DNA Test

Ultimate Genome Sequencing DNA Collection Kit

Ultimate Genome Sequencing

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Additional DNA Reports by Complete Genome Science

Blood Traits and Conditions DNA Report
The Complete Genome Analysis Blood Traits & Conditions



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