How Long Does a DNA Test Take

Want to know how long a DNA test takes? We identify DNA test results delivery times for paternity DNA tests and DNA tests for genetic testing.

how long does a dna test take

If you’re asking yourself, “How long does a DNA test take?” you’re not alone. Many people search for this information every single month, and most of those people are looking for the time it takes to get a DNA paternity test. Paternity test results vary for when the results come back, but we can help you know when you should expect them.

How Long Does It Take?

How long a DNA test takes depends on a few factors. It depends on the laboratory that is doing the testing, and it depends on the time it takes for them to receive the DNA sample. It also depends on how many other people have submitted a sample.

The type of DNA test has a lot to do with the time it takes to get results back. For instance, as you’ll read below, a DNA paternity test can take much less time than other types.

How Long Does It Take to Get DNA Paternity Test Results

time for a dna test

Paternity tests take about 2 to 5 days to process once the samples are received by the lab testing them.

DNA paternity testing is one that comes along with a lot of emotions. People who are looking for paternity testing want to know if the person they are submitting a sample for is the ⁠biological father of a child. Getting the results back can either make family members very happy or very upset depending on expectations.

The good news is that since a lab can process DNA collection within a week, it may only take two weeks to receive results back. That is if the time it takes for the postal service to deliver the DNA sample to the laboratory two days and then the return is just a couple of days as well.

This means it can take up to 9 business days to receive paternity DNA test results.

Court-Ordered DNA Tests - How Long It Takes

The type of DNA test matters when considering how long it can take to get a DNA test back. A court-ordered ⁠DNA paternity testing can take from 2 to 10 business days depending on the laboratory the collection kit was sent.

Despite the legal implications of DNA testing, it still takes just as long when it comes to the testing process. This is why many cases can be delayed as an alleged father and others await the paternity test results.

Reasons the process could take longer include the lab not being able to get to the DNA test kit within the week. The collection kit may also not include a viable sample. If that’s the case, it can take weeks to get the results from the court order. New samples must be collected and the kit has to be sent again to the lab for processing.

The only way to make the process fast for legal purposes is to request that the court put a rush on it. This could lead to expediting the delivery of the samples to the laboratory. Many times, parents request this from the court when there is a child custody matter at hand. The wait can grueling in these cases.

DNA Tests for Genetic Testing

DNA tests for ⁠genetic testing can take longer to receive results back. This is because laboratories associated with popular genetic-based testing companies are usually bogged down with many DNA samples. The samples have to be sorted through when they arrive and then the lab technician has to go through them one by one.

It may take up to 12 weeks for DNA testing companies to return results to consumers. Usually, results can be delivered by labs much faster, so don’t let speed deter you.

Whole genome sequencing - another type of DNA testing that tests the entire genome - can take up to 3-7 business days for processing. This means most people receive their DNA test results in a couple of weeks.

DNA Test Result Analysis and Reports

dna test time

While a few weeks to receive results from a laboratory may not seem fast, it is the reality of 2021 DNA companies. Waiting for the results is worth it though when you see all of the great information you can get from the DNA test report.

The health report received from ⁠DNA testing companies such as ⁠, ⁠Family Tree DNA, ⁠, ⁠23andMe, ⁠MyHeritage, and others can be helpful in seeking preventive treatment if it shows there’s a family history of genetic conditions. The DNA test results can help the doctor check for signs and symptoms of those conditions, so that action can be taken as early as possible.

Once a DNA test has been taken for personal or legal reasons, it is possible to have the results analyzed for additional information, such as information on ethnicity, family history, ⁠genetic diseases, other health concerns, wellness, and much more.

Analysis of a DNA test is fast. Within a few minutes, you can review a report that has the information you requested, especially when using ⁠

DNA Testing and Whole Genome Sequencing Processing Times

how long does a dna test take understands that customers want to get DNA test results as soon as possible. Our ⁠Ultimate DNA Test and Ultimate Genome Sequencing (⁠whole genome sequencing) services deliver results as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. Our Ultimate DNA Test takes around four weeks to receive the results.

Our ⁠Ultimate Genome Sequencing service includes the world’s most technologically advanced genetic test called 30x whole genome sequencing. Due to the complexity of whole genome sequencing, the laboratory work takes longer.

Once the laboratory receives your DNA collection kit, it takes around 2-3 weeks to extract the DNA from the swabs in the kit, purify the DNA, and perform quality control testing to ensure the DNA is of sufficient quality and quantity. The next stage is sequencing the DNA, which can take an additional 8-9 weeks. Sometimes the laboratory gets really busy and when this occurs, it can add an additional 4 weeks to the turnaround time.

Once the laboratory completes your Ultimate DNA Test or Ultimate Genome Sequencing, the raw data is then processed by’s proprietary bioinformatics system. This data processing step takes up to 36 hours and includes additional quality control steps, comprehensive data processing, and delivering the raw data to your account. 

Analysis of the DNA testing happens in just a few minutes with any of the DNA analysis apps in our DNA App Store. Simply choose the app that provides the information you’re interested in, start the app, and usually within minutes, the app will generate a genetic report based on the analysis of your DNA. does not offer DNA paternity tests at this time, but there is much more you can do with ⁠DNA testing. You can use it to learn about your family history, ethnicity, health, and wellness. DNA testing can even be used to help with diagnostics. DNA diagnostics is something that many doctors are using these days and it has been shown to be effective in identifying treatment.

We invite you to learn about all of the ways DNA tests can help you by visiting our ⁠Education Center and ⁠Knowledge Center.

For specific questions about ⁠DNA tests, contact us. We would love to help you.

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