Whole Genome Sequencing

What is Single Cell Whole Genome Sequencing?

Single cell whole genome sequencing unlocks the power of the genome to advance and simplify healthcare. Find out all about this innovative science here.

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Detox Genes: What Are They and Are They Even Real?

What are detox genes and do they even exist? Read our guide about detox genes, DNA testing, genome sequencing, and how genes impact the body’s detoxification.

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how long does a dna test take

How Long Does a DNA Test Take

Want to know how long a DNA test takes? We identify DNA test results delivery times for paternity DNA tests and DNA tests for genetic testing.

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30x whole genome sequencing explained

What is 30x and 0.4x Whole Genome Sequencing?

If you are interested in whole genome sequencing (WGS), read on to learn about important considerations.

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Dante Labs Review

Dante Labs Review: Important To Read Before Ordering

Have you thought about getting Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS), but are unsure how to do it? If so, read on to learn where to get your genome sequenced.

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what is whole genome sequencing

What is Whole Genome Sequencing? | What is WGS?

Whole genome sequencing, also known as WGS, is a laboratory technique in which the entire coding (exon) and non-coding regions of the genome are obtained. It provides a complete, comprehensive map of a person’s genetic makeup and allows extensive analysis of all genes to be performed. It’s a single lab test that obtains all of the data on all of your genes.

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