Skin Genes genetic analysis beauty DNA report with personalized cosmetics

Evidence-Based Personalized Skin Care

Your DNA data can provide useful insights about your skin. Make informed skin-care choices with our personalized advice on lifestyle, nutrition and cosmetics.

Skin properties like moisture, elasticity, pigmentation and wrinkles are highly heritable.

Beauty DNA analysis and reports for skin elasticity and dermatology

Learn about your body’s own tendencies and responses involved with these skin properties:

Elasticity and wrinkling


◈ Moisture

◈ Skin glycation

◈ Skin inflammation

◈ Dark pigmentation spots

◈ Sagging eyelids


An empowering genetic report with crystal clear insights.

This Skin Genes report presents your skincare genetic analysis. It reviews your body’s inherited tendencies and responses involved in skin’s health and aging.

The report guides you with simple, short texts and personalized experts’ advice on recommended diet, lifestyle and cosmetic products to suit your genetics.

Additional information may also be found at GeneInformed.

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Powered by's Universal Compatibility technology, this DNA app is compatible with data from all DNA tests.

Test Compatibility     Format Compatibility
Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)     FASTQ
Exome Sequencing     FASTA
Dante Labs     BAM
23andMe     SAM
AncestryDNA     CRAM
MyHeritage     VCF
Genes for Good     GVCF
Living DNA     gVCF
HomeDNA     TXT
FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA)     CSV
Silverberry Genomix     TAB
Toolbox Genomics     gz and zip compressed files
Veritas Genetics     almost all other genetic data formats
Nebula Genomics      
Color Genomics      
Human Longevity Inc. (HLI)      
Ambry Genetics      
Quest Diagnostics      
Thermo Fisher / Affymetrix      
almost all other genetic tests

Let your DNA guide you with valuable personalized advice.

Our DNA is the blueprint for our body. It is coded with 4 nucleotides (‘letters’), which create the genes that serve as templates for the proteins that we are made of. Our DNA is 3 billion letters long, and is very similar from one person to the other. However, we do differ in about 10 million nucleotides on average. These Single Base-Pair Variations (SNPs) are behind the differences between us, from looks and behavioral tendencies to metabolism and health.

DNA testing and analysis for skin hydration, moisturizer personalization and other skin-related traits using bioinformatics analysis of genetic data from any test such as 23andMe, AncestryDNA, Helix, Vitagene and FTDNA and LivingDNA.

Remarkable breakthroughs of the last decades allow us to read into our genetic code. We can associate the SNP of a gene with corresponding changes in an enzyme’s activity. Along with supportive evidence from biochemical research and epidemiological studies, it becomes possible to anticipate how these variants change a biochemical response or even an organ’s performance.

Understand your skin and make the gene-informed choices when buying cosmetic products. Fight skin aging by following the diet and lifestyle habits that suit your inherited needs.

Statistical significance and predictive power come first.

As scientists around the world publish multitudes of human genetic studies each year, we follow a rigorous quality assurance process to sift through the large data sets. We make sure that each of our tests is evidence-based, and the interpretations we provide are based on statistically-sound studies with large cohorts.

Amazing bioinformatics analysis of genome and DNA test data performed by GeneInformed and available in the Gene App Store.

These days there is an abundance of Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) and meta-analysis studies that pool as much as half a million individuals (!), solidly associating a SNP with an affected trait. In any case, our standard statistical significance level is of P-value of 5% or better, with added Bonferroni correction when multiple factors are tested.

Boost your health and wellness with evidence-based advice and solid science. Unravel your inborn tendencies and predispositions and make informed decisions in choosing the right diet, exercise regimes, cosmetics and other lifestyle habits.

GeneInformed provides access to science's most useful genetic knowledge.

The company was established by researchers who firmly believe it’s time to share the fruits of genetic knowledge with the general public. Our goal is to provide meaningful genetic analysis that helps in optimizing health and wellness. To that end, we constantly review the current scientific literature for quality studies that add to the expanding (and exciting) human knowledge on genes and the traits affected by them.

GeneInformed software developers of bioinformatics apps for DNA data analysis and interpretation for health, wellness, skin care, environmental exposures and both pharmacogenomics and pharmacogenetics in the Genome App Store

Our team of experienced geneticists, doctors and experts in nutrition, sports genetics, bio-statistics, dermatology, toxicology and pharmacology has developed the company’s products for the last six years. We integrate some of our original research with an up-to-date scientific literature, and use bioinformatic tools to provide you with the best scientifically-based recommendations to fit your DNA.

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