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APOE4 Test | Brain Health Genetic Analysis

Published by SelfDecode

At-home APOE test that determines if you have APOE4. Includes APOE analysis and a genetic report on both Alzheimer's risk and how to protect your brain.

$39.00 per genome

APOE4 test

APOE4 Test: APOE Gene Test

Comprehensive Analysis of the APOE Gene for Protecting Brain Health

The APOE Brain Health DNA Test Analysis includes:

  • An analysis of your APOE gene

    • Includes APOE genotype status (ε2, ε3 or ε4)

  • An assessment of health risks and benefits based on your APOE gene analysis

    • Includes an assessment of risk of Alzheimer's disease

  • A comprehensive review of the latest research on the functions and biochemistry of the APOE gene

  • Detailed diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations based on SelfDecode’s Proprietary Biochemical Analysis and experience with over 1,000 clients

  • A Personalized APOE Diet Guide to help reduce the non-genetic risk of Alzheimer's based on your APOE gene version (known as your APOE 'epsilon genotype')


APOE2 (ApoE-ε2) Gene Variant

Contrary to popular belief, the ApoE-ε2 allele actually decreases the function of ApoE. Although this variant of ApoE-ε2 is neuroprotective (decreased risk of Alzheimer's disease), it does confer health risks of its own.

If your DNA is found to have the ApoE-ε2 genotype, it becomes even more important to regularly monitor blood biomarkers and live an ApoE-ε2-compatible lifestyle.

This app will identify your APOE genotype and, based on your APOE gene, you'll receive clear solutions for better health


PPAR-γ Function and The ApoE Gene

Reduced ApoE function can raise your cholesterol and make your brain more susceptible to damage. The ApoE-ε4 genotype results in significantly lower function and levels of the ApoE protein.

The PPAR-γ protein is responsible for controlling the production of the ApoE proteins and several activators of PPAR-γ have been proposed as preventive or therapeutic measures for Alzheimer’s.


Sample APOE4 Test Genetic Report

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For example, the Education Center contains a section on how DNA impacts the side of having a side effect from a medication. If you've ever experienced aside effect after taking medication, it may be due to your DNA.

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