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DNA Diet

Developed by GeneInformed

A weight loss plan that's personalized to your DNA! Clear, powerful insights for dieting and weight management using the latest technology.

$59 per genome

DNA Diet genetic analysis reports for personalized weight loss

Personalized Weight Loss Tailored To Your Genes

Why does a specific diet work well for someone else but not for you?

Small heritable variations in our DNA make people react differently to the same diet. Understand your body’s unique responses and tendencies with a comprehensive analysis of your DNA.

Use this app to discover YOUR optimal diet.



This app analyzes your genes and provides guidance for personalized weight loss.

  • Satiety with daily protein intake
  • High carb vs low carb diets
  • Fat storage
  • Fast food sensitivity
  • Emotional eating
  • Food addiction
  • Fat breakdown with specific exercises
  • Metabolic energy expenditure
  • Taste perception and food choice


Additional Information About Genetic Testing For Weight Loss

Interested in learning more about DNA testing and weight loss? We have a range of resources for you to consume including our blog article on weight loss through DNA testing. If you're looking for a more science-focused approached, our Education Center article Genetic Testing for Weight Loss is a great place to start.

Sample DNA Report

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