October 16, 2020

Weight Loss Through DNA Testing

Have you ever considered how your genetic makeup affects your weight loss ability? If not, you may be interested in weight loss through DNA testing.

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to lose weight and not seeing the scale move like you would expect it to after all you’re doing. Healthy eating plus exercising is a lot of work when you first start on your path to a healthier lifestyle, and you feel you need to be rewarded for all that hard work with a few pounds of weight loss each week. 

Don’t beat yourself up over not losing weight as quickly as you would like. Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight just as the weight gain didn’t happen overnight. Even so, losing weight can be more difficult for some people than others. Not everyone can lose weight as easily and it has to do with their genetic makeup. That’s why when you’re having a hard time losing weight, you should consider weight loss DNA testing


What Is Weight Loss DNA Testing

 weight loss dna testing

Many recent studies have found that obesity has a lot to do with a person’s genetics. This is why dieting isn’t a one size fits. The way the body processes foods, including macronutrients, can lead to weight gain for some people. For instance, some people simply don’t process carbohydrates (carbs) as efficiently as others. This leads to an accumulation of fat because the body stores what it doesn’t use. A low-carb diet like Atkins may be more effective for them to lose bodyweight. The same goes for fat - some people don’t use fats as efficiently as others (especially saturated fats), so whatever isn’t used is stored. A low-fat diet or keto may be a better option to lose weight. 

This is why genetic testing for weight loss has gained popularity in the last few years. Knowing how the body processes foods AND responds to exercise can help people lose weight. 

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How to Use DNA Testing for Weight Loss

dna testing for weight loss

To know more about how your body loses and gains weight through DNA testing, you will need to take a DNA testing kit. The test results from a genetic test can be from Sequencing.com, 23andMe, Dantelabs, MyHeritage, or other DNA testing companies. 

For those who have not taken a DNA test, it is as simple as a swab of the cheek and then mailing the DNA sample to the lab. In just a few weeks, you’ll have the raw DNA data to use any way you choose, including finding out your genetic predispositions to being overweight or obese. 


Analyzing Gene Variants for Weight Management


The next step in finding out how to lower your body mass index through dieting according to genomics is to have your DNA analyzed. Sequencing.com has many apps dedicated to helping people lose weight through knowledge of how their bodies process foods and respond to exercise. 

The genetic test results just need to be uploaded to Sequencing.com’s secure website and then submitted to the app. Within minutes, users receive their results. These results can be reviewed and implemented into a meal plan and exercise plans or taken to a dietitian or nutritional coach for help. 


Start on the Path to a Healthy Weight 

genetic testing and weight loss

Reduce body fat and live your best life with DNA results using our weight loss app. Our app will analyze genetic variants in the DNA data you upload. The genetic information you receive will give you insight into your body’s ability to lose weight. 

Create an account for a genetic profile here on Sequencing.com. It is completely confidential and secure, and uploading your DNA data is free. If you need to take a DNA test, we have two affordable types of DNA tests - The Ultimate DNA test and Ultimate Genome Sequencing test. The first one is much like the one you take with other DNA testing companies, such as 23andMe, MyHeritage, Ancestry, and Dante Labs. The Ultimate Genome Sequencing test is much more thorough providing you with much more information to have analyzed. 

Take control of your weight and wellness with our Weight Loss app on Sequencing.com. In minutes, you could have the information you need to unlock the door to a healthy weight and happiness.

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