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How To Download 23andMe Data

How To Download DNA Data from 23 and Me and Upload to Sequencing.com

Meet Marcie - she’s a new Sequencing.com employee who is using our services for the first time. Read about how she downloaded her DNA data from 23 and Me and uploaded it to her Sequencing.com.

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Raw DNA data analysis

Using Sequencing.com for DNA Raw Data Analysis | Sequencing

Have you had a DNA test? If you have, then you likely also have access to your DNA data. The apps in Sequencing.com’s market enable you to transform DNA raw data into understandable, personalized guidance for optimizing health, wellness and longevity. There are also apps for viewing, searching and exploring your DNA data such as the free Data Viewer app. Apps at Sequencing.com are compatible with DNA data in any format from all genetic tests including genealogical DNA tests, wellness and clinical tests and both exome and whole genome sequencing.

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