How To Download 23andMe Data

How To Download DNA Data from 23 and Me and Upload to Sequencing.com

Meet Marcie - she’s a new Sequencing.com employee who is using our services for the first time. Read about how she downloaded her DNA data from 23 and Me and uploaded it to her Sequencing.com.

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Information and help guide for how to Upload 23andMe Data to Sequencing.com including automatically download, upload and import 23andMe data using our automatic data importer that is private, secure, confidential and encrypted. Quick, easy to use and free, the importer automatically obtains and imports DNA data from 23andMe.

How to Upload 23andMe Data to Sequencing.com

If the recent 23andMe API changes may impact your DNA app and you are scared of losing access to genetic data, Sequencing.com might be able to help. While we can not provide you the same third-party apps and results, we can offer you a DNA app store you can turn to to analyze your DNA with other great third party tools.

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