How to Get an Online DNA Test for Free

The word FREE always sounds good to people, but is it really possible to find online DNA tests for free? You’re about to find out, and learn how you can get the best value when it comes to DNA testing.

how to get online dna tests for free

Everyone loves to find free stuff online. Many people who are interested in learning more about their genetics often try to find the best deal possible, and that usually means they try to find it for free. 

We’re going to go out on a limb and say that you found this article because you want to learn how to get an online DNA test for free. Are we right? Well, if so, we’re going to help you with this and give you the facts. 

The Truth About How to Find Online DNA Tests for Free 

Let’s just put it out there that you won’t find free online DNA tests. At least, not in the way you believe you will. Of course, someone could purchase a test for you, and that means it’s free. However, we know that’s not what you had in mind. 

You want to find an online DNA test for free from a ⁠DNA company. We understand. 

The problem is that DNA testing costs money. We’ll admit, it doesn’t cost a lot of money - especially not as much as you’ll see some DNA testing kits sell for online. But they do cost money and DNA testing companies are not willing to lose that money by offering their DNA test for free. 

What about those sites that say, “Hey, we found resources for free online DNA tests!”? Well, they aren’t exactly FREE because they are serving the company or organization offering them. 

In our ⁠Guide to DNA Tests, you will read about ways to get a DNA test for free, but they are through research studies. These studies will have you take a DNA test and send you results based on the DNA sample, but the offerings end there. 

What you lose from this freebie is:

  • No DNA data to use in other ways. 
  • No other analysis of your DNA. 

What you’re losing with your free DNA test is highly valuable. A big part of the investment people make in getting an online DNA test is the ability to learn more about themselves. While you will learn something about yourself, it doesn’t compare to the extraordinary information you will be missing out on with a free DNA test. 

The Misunderstanding of DNA Tests vs. Analysis

free dna tests

Many people confuse taking a DNA test with analyzing DNA data. A DNA test is simply pulling information from DNA into raw data. This raw data doesn’t make much sense to someone who has not studied genomics.

Raw data from DNA is analyzed in many different ways. The results are what make sense to people. For instance, when DNA raw data is analyzed for ancestry, the information from it tells people where their ancestors originated. A health analysis will report possible inherited diseases, so people can work with a health care professional to prevent them. 

While DNA tests may not be free (unless you are part of a research study or someone gets you one for a gift), there are many ways to analyze DNA raw data for free. 

Free DNA Test Analysis

free dna test analysis

When most people choose a DNA testing company, they often don’t think about more than what the company offers. For instance, 23andMe offers healthy+ancestry analysis with their DNA test. Most people just expect that information and when they receive it, they believe that’s all there is to know. This is especially true since the website does not offer any other analysis opportunities. 

The truth is that there are many ways raw DNA data can be analyzed and that’s why was created. Our marketplace contains the world’s largest collection of analysis apps and reports that can be used on raw DNA data. The app analyzes the DNA data file and then creates a report with findings based on the app chosen. 

The DNA report marketplace contains free and paid apps and reports for users. The free DNA test analysis apps are highly useful, and then when you’re ready to gain even more knowledge from your DNA, you can do so with some of the paid apps. 

Harness the Power of Free DNA Reports

Are you curious about unlocking the secrets encoded in your DNA? With, you can delve into your genetic story for free. Yes, you read that right — free DNA reports that reveal your unique genetic blueprint are just a few clicks away. offers you a treasure trove of free DNA test analysis apps and reports. These tools translate your raw DNA data into informative reports, providing insights into various aspects of your genetic makeup. They can illuminate potential health risks, your ancestral lineage, or even aspects of your personal traits. This kind of information can lead to more informed life choices, from dietary changes to understanding your heritage.

So why not satisfy your curiosity today? With free DNA test analysis apps and reports, you have the power to decode your genetic story. This is a fantastic opportunity to explore your DNA in depth, and the best part is, it’s absolutely free.

How to Get an Online DNA Test for Free

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While you may not be able to get the actual DNA test for free, you can get the DNA test analysis for free, which is what many people believe DNA testing provides. The best way to get the DNA test analysis for free is to either purchase a DNA test kit from a DNA testing company such as 23andMe, MyHeritage,, or directly from us. Our Ultimate DNA Test tests 1% of the genome, which is much more than other companies that only test .01% of the genome. Unfortunately, that’s all it takes to analyze the area they focus on with their business, such as ancestry.  

Learn More: What to expect when you get your genome sequenced

Once you have the DNA data uploaded to your chosen DNA testing company, you can select an analysis app from the App Market to analyze the data. You can use all of the free ones, and we’re always adding more to that section so you can learn more about yourself. 

We even have some apps that have special promotions, such as the ⁠Prevent Breast Cancer app. With the promo code FIGHTSTRONG, you can learn about your breast cancer risk for FREE. 

The ⁠Healthy Heart app can also be used for free with the promo code HEARTBEAT. This app will analyze DNA data to reveal your risk for cardiovascular disease.

Now you know the truth about how to get an online DNA test for free. Consider ordering one of our whole genome sequencing kit bundles and then use as many of the apps to analyze the data you receive as you would like. When looking for the best value in purchasing a DNA test, is the best choice for a DNA testing company. 

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