Mood DNA Analysis and Happiness Genetic Reports

Use Your DNA To Improve Your Mood and Happiness

A comprehensive analysis of 92 genes that influence your mood and neurotransmitters (your brain chemistry):


Genetic analysis for mood and happiness

Mood and Happiness

Genetic analysis for emotional balance and response to stress

Emotional Balance in Response to Stress


Genetic analysis for treatment of depression treatment and assessment of neurotransmitter levels

Neurotransmitters and Brain Biochemistry
That Influence Treatment Responses

Genetic analysis for risk of Seasonal Mood Disorders including Seasonal Affective Disorder

Risk of Seasonal Mood Problems


Your genetic report will also include personalized insights into the following mood-related neurotransmitters:


Genetic analysis serotonin levels


Genetic analysis dopamine levels


Genetic analysis endocannabinoids and addiction



Genetic analysis oxytocin levels and love pheromone


Genetic analysis glutamate levels


Genetic analysis acetylcholine levels



Genetic analysis GABA levels



Receive a personalized report with insights and guidance for optimizing your mood and happiness. Also includes techniques for dealing with stress and much more.

  • Covers all important mood-related genes: 92 genes
  • Provides an analysis of your genetic profile for each mood-related category
  • Includes risk assessment for the genetic variants (SNPs) analyzed in each category of the report
  • Descriptions of how specific genes and genetic variations might be affecting your health
  • Science-based personalized recommendations narrowed down to what should work best for you tailored to your DNA
  • Your genetic report will also include a worksheet to help you identify potential neurotransmitter imbalances based on your symptoms profile

Neurotransmitter DNA data analysis

Sample Mood DNA Wellness Genetic Report

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SNPs that affect blissfulness and anxietyFAAH gene SNPs anxiety blissfulness genetic analysis

Having higher FAAH gene activity means that cannabinoids--your natural bliss molecules--are broken down more quickly, reducing the overall activity of your brain’s endocannabinoid system.

Because this system plays a key role in counteracting the stress response and enhancing mood, carriers of risk alleles in this gene are more likely to experience mood problems.

Therefore, you may be able to counteract your risk by inhibiting the FAAH gene, as well as by increasing the activity of your cannabinoid system in general.

Powered by's Universal Compatibility technology, the Mood DNA Wellness Report app is compatible with genetic data from all DNA tests:

Test Compatibility Format Compatibility
Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) FASTQ
Exome Sequencing (WES) FASTA
Dante Labs BAM
23andMe SAM
AncestryDNA CRAM
MyHeritage VCF
Genes for Good GVCF (genome VCF without blocks)
Living DNA gVCF (genome VCF with blocks)
Silverberry Genomix TAB
Toolbox Genomics gz and zip compressed files
Helix almost all other genetic data formats
Nebula Genomics  
Veritas Genetics  
Human Longevity Inc (HLI)  
Oxford Nanopore  
almost all other genetic tests

Where should I get my genes tested?

You can use the raw DNA data you receive from any DNA testing company, such as 23andMe, Ancestry, FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritage and Dante Labs. Just be aware that not every testing company will include each and every SNP analyzed by this app.


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