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Gene-In-Form Personalized Fitness

Developed by GeneInformed

Whether you are a pro or an amateur, this app will help you optimize your fitness regimen and sports training!

$49 per genome

Personalized fitness DNA analysis app for sports genetics

Maximize Athletic Potential and Reduce Sports Injuries

Genetics determine up to 90% of athletic performance abilities, such as muscle fiber type, running economy, energy metabolism, oxygen uptake, risk of injuries and more.


Learn about your body’s inherited advantages, disadvantages, and responses involved in the following sport-related traits:

  • Muscle fiber type composition
  • Lactate profile
  • Muscle strain and recovery
  • Glycolysis capacity and anaerobic energy supply
  • Running economy
  • Respiratory capacity
  • Glucose uptake and aerobic energy supply
  • Circulation
  • Meniscus knee injury
  • ACL strain and tear
  • Achilles tendon injuries
  • Arthritis


An empowering genetic report with crystal clear insights.

This Gene-in-form Personalized Fitness app report presents your sports and fitness genetics analysis. It reviews your body’s inherited advantages, disadvantages and responses to specific physical and athletic activities. 

The report guides you through with simple, short texts and personalized advice on recommended exercise and lifestyle.

Additional information may also be found at GeneInformed.

Sample DNA Report

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