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Genetic ancestry and haplogroups analysis and report

Discover Your Heritage with the new Genetic Ancestry + Haplogroups Report

What’s the main reason you would find yourself taking a DNA test? Odds are it’s because you’re curious about your family’s ancestry. For people whose families have resided in one location for many generations, it’s likely the story of your family’s origins have become a bit murky.

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DNA Analysis App Spotlight for Environmental Toxins, Nutrigenomics and Skin Genes

DNA App Spotlight: Detoxify Your Body, Better Skin Care, and Personalized Fitness

This week, our DNA App Spotlight shines upon three great apps from GeneInformed. Over the past six years, the experienced geneticists and DNA experts at GeneInformed have been hard at work, improving health and wellness through genetics.

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Gene analysis reports from Toolbox Genomics

DNA App Spotlight: Reach Peak Performance with DNA Apps from Toolbox Genomics

In this week’s edition of the DNA App Spotlight we take a deep dive into DNA apps offered by Toolbox Genomics, a team that is revolutionizing precision medicine through genetic insights.

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5 Insightful DNA Report Apps from Silverberry Genomix

DNA App Spotlight: 5 Insightful DNA Apps from Silverberry Genomix

In this week’s edition of the DNA App Spotlight, we’re proud to highlight DNA apps from Silverberry Genomix, a DNA lifestyle company that uses artificial intelligence and genetic assessments to optimize your health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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Cardiovascular Heart Health, Inflammation & Essential Minerals DNA reports

DNA App Spotlight: Heart Health, Inflammation & Essential Minerals

In this week’s edition of App Spotlight, we’re proud to showcase three new apps from SelfDecode: Cardiovascular + Heart Health, Inflammation, and Essential Minerals. Combined with your genetic data, these DNA apps will help you understand and manage risk factors for a variety of severe health states.

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