Dating and DNA: Can Love Be Determined by Your Genes?

Unlucky in love? It could be because you’re not using your DNA to find it. Dating and DNA can go hand-in-hand when searching for love. Find out why here.

dating and dna

Have you been searching for your other half or looking for love for a long time without success? What if you could find the perfect partner based on your genes?

Getting hitched with your biological match is believed to offer your love life greater chances at success.

Rather than go on a clumsy first date or peruse the Internet to find romance online, why not take a more scientific approach to love and dating?  A science-oriented method will get your DNA analyzed so that you get paired with your consummate genetic companion. What biological matching puts forward is that rather than allow love to occur due to fortuity, it would be prudent to apply genetic harmony to find the right spouse.

Is Genetic Compatibility Decisive in Love?

There is a surge in the attention that people are giving to personalized genetic testing. The field of genetic science has made advancements with the technology now readily accessible and exponentially affordable. Through a disruptive and innovative approach, couples can now do away with coffee dates and modern online dating to find love through DNA testing.

Some genes are critical in determining biological compatibility between two people. They can tell whether you will have a fulfilling sex life, and could help you experience wedded bliss. More importantly, they can help you know if you will feel an increased allure of passionate attraction. In essence, the mysterious potency of physical attraction is not such a mystery. After all, it is possible to establish a greater degree of physical attraction through genetics.

DNA Dating and Personality Combinations

DNA dating is cracking the crucial ingredients that are the keys to finding love. The technology is getting applied to determine the best personality that can get integrated to create successful love relationships. The science can come up with prospective matches after an assessment. The purpose is to know if two different people have a genetic disposition that brings out the best in their attraction.

Their personalities play a role because people with higher degrees of dissimilarities will likely be more attracted to each other. Attraction alone cannot determine if two people can date. The fact that they potentially have the scalable benefit of giving birth to children with an extraordinary variety of immunological weapons is a determinant in enhancing compatibility.

Can Scientific Precision Be Applied to Dating?

The thought of applying scientific meticulousness to dating is a fascinating concept. Others in the field of genetic will look at this subject with cynicism. They do not find substantial and extensive knowledge to back up claims that love can be determined through genetics. Despite that, matching two people using DNA technology is a concept that is beginning to take shape in dating websites. Many online dating websites, such ⁠DNA Romance, promise to find a match for people seeking love.

With genetics shaping so much of ourselves, including what we look like, what diseases we suffer from, and ⁠medication side effects, it would make sense they may be able to be used in finding the best possible match for our love life. offers a Mood DNA Wellness Report. It won’t help you find the love of your life, BUT it will analyze 92 of your genes that influence your mood, which can help you understand more about your emotions. Learning more about yourself can help you seek answers to why you may not have found that happiness in love you’re craving. 

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Photo of DNA Test Kits

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Photo of DNA Test Kits

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