Ancient DNA Analysis - Reveal Your Ties to the Beginning of Time

Match your DNA with DNA samples from ancient bones obtained from archeological sites. Learn about your ANCIENT ancestors here.

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DNA can survive thousands of years. 

Humans have been on Earth for 200,000 years. 

Archeologists continue to obtain DNA from archeological sites around the world. Many of the DNA samples date back 40,000 years! 

Those ancient DNA samples can be matched to YOUR DNA to see if there are any similarities. Yes, that’s right. We can find possible relatives from 40,000 years ago.

Amazing, right? 

Archeologists collect ancient bones, mummified remains, scalp, and many other types of material from sites all over the world. Researchers extract DNA from the materials to reveal information about who it belonged to, such as how similar and different we are to archaic humans.

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Where Your Story REALLY Started

Many people, possibly you included, have taken an ancestry DNA test to find out about ethnicity and where ancestors lived. The results may have surprised you if you didn’t know your ancestors were from Europe, Asia, Africa, etc. 

The information you received from an ancestry DNA test from 23andMe, MyHeritage, or isn’t the beginning of your story, though. 

Your story began way before what those DNA results show you. 

Ancient DNA analysis can tell you where your ancestors came from way before they became modern humans!

Map My Genes Archeology Edition

Upload your raw DNA data from the DNA testing company you used for ancestry information and use the Map My Genes Archeology Edition. Your DNA will be matched up against more than 3,500 ancient DNA samples up to 40,000 years old from archaeological sites around the world. 

This ancient DNA analysis will generate a personalized interactive global map showing where ancient human DNA was obtained and sequenced. Pins will show where DNA samples were found that are similar to your DNA sample (the size of the pin indicates how similar your DNA is to the sample found at a particular archeological site). 

Not only do you learn where similar DNA samples to yours came from, but you can learn about that area. This gives you more insight into your ancient ancestors. 

Just when you thought most of your ancestors were from Europe, Africa or somewhere else in the world. You may find out that your ancient ancestors came from somewhere else before evolving into modern humans and migrating to another continent. 

Learn About Your Ancient Ancestors Now

In just a few minutes, you could be looking at a map of where your ancient ancestors lived. Simply download your raw DNA data from the DNA company that performed your DNA test and upload it to our secure and confidential database. You can then have that raw DNA data analyzed with the Map My Genes Archeology Edition app. 

Haven’t taken a DNA test? No, problem! You can ⁠order one of our DNA tests (much more comprehensive and affordable than other DNA testing companies offer). Our lab will upload your DNA data to our site and then you can have it analyzed with ⁠all of the apps we have available. continues its mission to reveal as much information as possible from DNA with it’s newest ancient DNA analysis app - ⁠Map My Genes Archeological Edition. Use it now and get ready to find out where your story really started!

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Photo of DNA Test Kits

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Photo of DNA Test Kits

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