AncestryDNA Raw Data Interpretation

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AncestryDNA Raw Data Interpretation

What is AncestryDNA Raw Data Interpretation?

DNA raw data Interpretation is the act of analyzing and interpreting genetic information stored in a raw DNA file. You can do this with any of the apps in our store, but a great place to start is with Sequencing’s ⁠Genome Explorer app and ⁠Next-Gen Disease Screen app. Both of these apps are free!

With these apps, you will be able to explore your genetic information, including any mutations (genetic variants) you may have.

So Where Do I Get My AncestryDNA Raw Data?

It’s easy to obtain and use your the DNA data from your AncestryDNA test. Follow the steps below to download your DNA data files from your Ancestry account and upload them for free to your Sequencing account. If you prefer a step-by-step guide that includes pictures and video, please see our Visual Guide for obtaining and using Ancestry data.

Steps To Download AncesetryDNA Raw Data

  1. Sign-in to your AncestryDNA account.

  2. Click on ‘Settings’ by clicking on the DNA tab > Your DNA Results Summary > Settings.

  3. Click the ‘Download DNA data’ button.

  4. Enter your AncestryDNA password, check the box and click Confirm.

  5. This will trigger an email that will be sent to your AncestryDNA email address, which will include a link to confirm the download of the DNA data.

  6. Open the email from AncestryDNA and click the ‘Confirm data download’ button in the email.

  7. On this download page click the ‘Download DNA Data’ button.

  8. Your AncestryDNA data file will then download to your computer.

    • The filename of the file downloaded from your Ancestry account will be dna-data-(date).zip.

    • If you have more than one AncestryDNA profile, repeat steps 1-7 above.

      • After downloading each file, please make sure to rename the file with the name of the person that the DNA data in that file is from. This is important because all of the DNA data files downloaded from Ancestry will have the same exact filename. If the filename isn’t changed so you know which file belongs to which person, you may lose track of which DNA data file belongs to which person.

Can’t find the file? Check your Downloads folder or search for the file name by click on the Windows key if you have a PC or the Spotlight icon if you have an Apple computer.

Steps To Upload AncesetryDNA Raw Data

  1. Go to the ⁠Sequencing’s Upload Center

  2. Choose the upload option under ‘Upload from My Computer’ and select the AncestryDNA file that was recently downloaded to your computer

  3. Click Upload.

    1. Your AncestryDNA file will be securely uploaded to your account.
    2. It may take up to 20 minutes before your file appears in your account as a new ’digital genome.’

What Do I Do Next With Ancestry Data?

Genome Explorer and Next-Gen Disease Screen are both free apps and are great places to start.

Powered by’s ⁠Universal Data Compatibility, these apps work with DNA data from almost any company or laboratory that provides DNA testing including Ancestry, 23andMe, MyHeritage, FamilyTreeDNA, GeneDx, Invitae, and even data from exome sequencing and ⁠whole-genome sequencing.

Once uploaded, the data is compared against databases of science research, and artificial intelligence (AI) is utilized to understand the data. If that does not sound amazing enough, the best part is you will get to chat with a trained professional who can answer all of your DNA questions.

About Sequencing’s Apps and DNA Reports

The marketplace is the world’s largest collection of apps and reports that ⁠interpret genetic data and provide straightforward insights. There are eight categories of apps including health, ancestry, nutrition, fitness, beauty, lifestyle, children, and bioinformatics. Your AncestryDNA raw data is compatible with apps in all categories.

Privacy Forever Policy: We Protect Your Data

Our unique Privacy Forever policy is our transparent pledge to you that your DNA data is kept safe, secure, and confidential. We do not sell your data to third-parties. You own your data and can access, use, download, and delete it at any time.

Learn more about Privacy Forever protection of your data.

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Photo of DNA Test Kits

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Photo of DNA Test Kits

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