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Are you an Einstein? Do you and Einstein share the same genes? Find out for free!

Albert Einstein's genes played a large role in who he was, just as they do for all of us. Now you can find out if you have genes in common with one of the most intelligent people to have ever lived. The answer may surprise you!

This DNA analysis app compares your genes to Albert Einstein's genes and determines if you're likely related.

The Einstein family tree has a lot of branches and there are many distant relatives who are related to Einstein but don't know it.

Could you possibly share the same genes as Einstein? Find out now with this free app.





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Sample Genetic Report Pages

Einstein Genetic Test


What are Maternal and Paternal Haplogroups?

This app is based on the science of genetic genealogy.

The analysis to determine if you're related to Albert Einstein is based on evaluating maternal inheritance patterns using mitochondrial DNA data, paternal inheritance patterns using Y chromosome DNA data, and the more general autosomal inheritance pattern using autosomal DNA data.

Inheritance Patterns of Maternal and Paternal Haplogroups and Autosomal DNA

Maternal Haplogroups

Maternal haplogroups are determined by analyzing DNA data on the mitochondrial chromosome, also known as the MT or M chromosome. The mitochondrial chromosome is passed from mother to child with little genetic change. The different versions are known as maternal haplogroups and are assigned different letters of the alphabet.

Maternal Haplogroup Geographic Distribution


Paternal Haplogroups

Paternal haplogroups are determined by analyzing DNA data on the Y chromosome. The Y chromosome is passed from father to son with little genetic change. The different versions are known as paternal haplogroups and are assigned different letters of the alphabet.

Paternal Haplogroup Geographic Distribution


Autosomal DNA

Autosomal DNA refers to chromosomes 1-22. One copy of each of these chromosomes is inherited from the mother and one copy from the father. Because of this, our autosomal DNA is a mixture of DNA from our parents. This mixture of autosomal DNA can also be used to determine details about recent ancestors from several generations ago.


Albert Einstein's Family Tree

Albert Einstein Family Tree

Albert Einstein's Family Photos

Einstein and sister Young Einstein 

Einstein Family Albert Einstein with sister and mother

Albert Einstein Ancestry Photo Albert Einstein Genealogy

  Einstein Heritage Photo   Albert Einstein with daughter


Am I Related To Anyone Famous

Am I Am Einstein DNA

While many of our DNA analysis apps and reports provide useful information about protecting your health, we also have many that provide insights about your ancestry and family tree. This app is one of our fun ancestry apps. You'll soon be able to find out if you're related to many other famous people. Who will be next?!


Learn More About DNA Sequencing

Sequencing Education Center

Interested in learning more about the fascinating world of genetic technology? Sequencing's Education Center provides everything you need to know about recent discoveries in genomics that may benefit your life. For example, you can learn about how DNA testing works and also about the importance of whole genome sequencing.

The Sequencing Blog is another great resource for the latest news about pop culture and DNA. For example, did you know that scientists may have recently identified the DNA of Jesus Christ? Cloning Christ may one day be possible!

Albert Einstein

This DNA analysis app works with data from most genetic tests and genome sequencing services.



Test Compatibility   Format Compatibility   Variant Compatibility   Reference Genome Compatibility
Whole Genome Sequencing   FASTQ and FQ   SNP / SNV
(Single Nucleotide Variants)
  hg38 / GRCh38
Exome Sequencing   FASTA and FA       hg19 / GRCh37
Ultimate DNA Test   BAM       hg18 / GRCh36
23andMe   SAM       hg17 / GRCh35
AncestryDNA   CRAM        
MyHeritage   VCF        
Dante Labs   Genome VCF (gVCF and GVCF)        
Nebula Genomics   TXT        
Genes for Good   CSV        
Living DNA   TAB        
HomeDNA   gz and zip compressed files        
FTDNA   almost all other genetic data formats        
Silverberry Genomix            
Toolbox Genomics            
Full Genomes            
New Amsterdam Genomics            
almost all other genetic tests

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