Jesus Christ’s DNA Possibly Found On Crucifixion Nails

Has the DNA of Jesus Christ just been discovered? Could Christ be cloned? Click to learn more about Jesus’ DNA and bone fragments found on ancient crucifixion nails.

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A new study reveals the nails possibly used to crucify Jesus Christ may have fragments of his bones on them. This new information was just released about nails that were allegedly found in Jerusalem inside of Jesus’ burial cave. 

Crucifixion Nails Lost and Found

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In 1990, Jesus’ burial cave, which was also the burial place of the Jewish Priest Caiaphas who sentenced him to death, was excavated. Excavators noted the nails were missing at that time even though other holy relics were found. However, filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici claimed he had them in his Nails Of The Cross documentary in 2011, which was aired on the History Channel. 

While many people did not believe his claim, researchers released new insight about the nails. They are indeed from the same cave Jesus was placed in after death. They report there is scientific evidence the nails contain evidence of crucifixion with bone and wood fragments. 

Cave Identifiers Lead Back to Jesus’ Burial Cave

Every cave has distinct physical and chemical properties. The properties from several caves were collected and analyzed against the nails found, and the only match was Jesus’ and Caiaphas’ cave. 

Dr. Aryeh Shimron, the lead author of the study, reports:

Our analysis clearly and unequivocally demonstrates that these materials are chemically and physically identical to those which have, over centuries, also become attached to the nails.” 

Ruling Out Criticisms Over Nails

Critics are quick to say the nails could have been made to match the cave as well as contain the bone and wood fragments. Dr. Shimron denies that possibility with:

“It is well preserved and entirely petrified…the wood is therefore ancient and not a chance or man-made fake attachment to the nails.” 

The Hunt for the DNA of Jesus Christ

While Dr. Shimrom is convinced the nails were most likely used to crucify someone, he does not confirm it was Christ himself. The only evidence for that is the location of where the nails were found. 

Caiaphas’ cave was first discovered in Jerusalem’s Peace Forest and the last noteworthy discovery was in 1968 when a heel bone was found with a nail embedded in it. 

With the field of ancient DNA analysis advancing by leaps and bounds, there’s a high chance the extraction and analysis of genetic material bones and fossils may be possible when it comes to the bones of Jesus. At this time, there is no DNA test that can identify a person, especially one that has been deceased for centuries. We’re getting closer, though. 

Geneticists have been studying ancient bones collected from Israel and Bulgaria including alleged bones from John the Baptist. The problem is that to use DNA to prove identity, we need a DNA sample from the person to compare the bones. DNA sequencing is not enough to prove the identity of the person. DNA technology and genetic analysis may never get to the point of being able to identify the son of God or descendants of Jesus. 

Famous DNA In The News

This isn’t the first time that the DNA of a major historical figure has made the news. For example, did you know that DNA analysis revealed the identity of Jack the Ripper? Genetic technology is also being used to solve many cold cases, such as DNA analysis being used to catch the Golden State Killer.

It seems like there are breakthroughs with DNA every day and many of these relate to famous, and infamous, people throughout history. Continue to check our blog as we’ll keep you updated about all of the latest DNA discoveries!

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