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Thyroid Genetic Test Report

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This innovative genetic report explains the role your genes play in influencing your thyroid health and includes insights for both protecting your thyroid health and improving thyroid function.

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Thyroid Genetic Test Health Report

This innovative genetic report explains the role your genes play in influencing your thyroid health and includes insights for both protecting your thyroid health and improving thyroid function.

Thyroid hormones have a large range of crucial metabolic roles to play and can impact many different aspects of our health and well-being. The production and control of thyroid hormones each depend on complex mechanisms inside the thyroid gland, as well as in the brain and peripheral tissues. 

Your Genes and Thyroid Health

We still have a long way to go to understand how these many complex systems all work together to balance thyroid hormones. Nonetheless, scientists have identified many different factors that may impact a person's genetic predisposition to thyroid disorders.

In this report, we mostly cover genetic associations with diagnosed thyroid disorders, because that is what the scientific studies themselves have examined. However, many of these environmental and genetic risk factors likely exist on a spectrum. This means that they can have potentially significant impacts on your thyroid hormones — even if these factors aren't severe enough on their own to result in a formal diagnosis.

Thyroid-related Symptoms Included In The Genetic Report

Chronic fatigue Weakness and aches Dry skin Depression and trouble concentrating 

Abnormal weight gain

Topics Included In The Genetic Report

This report is divided into 3 sections:

  • Thyroid Function: Hypothyroidism
  • Thyroid Autoimmunity: Graves' Disease
  • Thyroid Autoimmunity: Hashimoto's Disease

For each section, we introduce a number of key genetic markers based on the latest scientific studies. These individual genetic variations ("SNPs") have been associated with a variety of factors that are known to thyroid function or activity in some way. For example, these may affect your thyroid hormone levels or your relative likelihood of developing a thyroid disorder.

Next, the genetic report evaluates your genetic data (referred to as your 'genotypes'), and create a comprehensive summary based on what your genetic makeup has to say about each individual factor. This allows you to get an overview of what your unique genetics may mean for various aspects of your current and long-term health.

Using this analysis, we finish each section of this report by homing in on specific genetic variants you carry, and which you may be able to target and potentially improve upon in some way. After briefly explaining the role that each genetic factor plays in thyroid health, we'll provide useful tips and suggestions to help you improve your thyroid function — including personalized dietary, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations!

Lastly, at the end of the report, we’ll gather together all the personalized recommendations made to you based on your genetic variants, and rank them all based on how important each one may be to your overall health as a whole.

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