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THE bioinformatics app! Easily create a bioinformatics pipeline to process, analyze, and convert your raw DNA data and genome data files.

$19.99 per genome

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Upgrade In Progress:  EvE Premium is unavailable during the upgrade process. The new, upgraded version is scheduled for release in Fall 2024.

Create Your Own Bioinformatics Pipeline: Powerful and Easy-to-use.

Design your own ultra-fast, cloud-based pipeline in seconds. Use defaults or define specific parameters. It's your choice!

Preprocessing ✯ Alignment & Mapping ✯ Variant Calling & Discovery ✯ Annotations ✯ Interpretations ✯ Conversions

Meet EvE, the first universal genetic adaptor that aligns, calls, annotates, converts and interprets almost any genetic data file to EvErything. EvE includes a straightforward user interface and powerful, dynamic multithreaded processing so that using your custom EvE pipeline is effortless and fast.

With EvE Premium, you can create your own ultra-fast custom pipeline within seconds. For example, you can select BWA-MEM2 for alignment and SamTools for variant calling. Or you can select CutAdapt for pre-processing, BowTie2 for alignment, Strelka for variant calling, SnpEff for annotation, and ClinVar for interpretation with the output format being a TXT file in 23andMe format.

Once you select your pipeline, you can use defaults or easily modify almost any parameter. EvE Premium will then run your pipeline using powerful multithreaded cluster cloud-based processing.

You no longer have to worry about whether your computer hardware and servers are powerful enough to process your data. With EvE, you also don't have to worry about bandwidth charges or obscure cloud computing fees. All you need is an internet connection (such as from a laptop or mobile device) and EvE will process your genetic data.


New in EvE Premium v4: ClinVar Interpretation

Turn on the ClinVar option (located under 'Interpretation') to annotate with ClinVar data.

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