Reach Peak Performance with DNA Apps from Toolbox Genomics | DNA App Spotlight
August 14, 2019

DNA App Spotlight: Reach Peak Performance with DNA Apps from Toolbox Genomics

Gene analysis reports from Toolbox Genomics

In this week's edition of the DNA App Spotlight we take a deep dive into DNA apps offered by Toolbox Genomics, a team that is revolutionizing precision medicine through genetic insights.

In this week's edition of the DNA App Spotlight, we take a deep dive into DNA apps and reports offered by Toolbox Genomics. At Toolbox Genomics, the team believes in revolutionizing precision medicine through genetic insights. It's their goal to help you incorporate the science of genetics to achieve optimal health and wellness.

Let's explore some of the most popular Toolbox Genomics DNA apps available in the App Market.


TBG Total Wellness

Spotlight App #1: The TBG Total Wellness Report

Before we explore the three DNA apps below, it's worth noting that all three are included in our most popular Toolbox Genomics DNA app: the TBG Total Wellness report.

Powered by more than 12,000 published research papers and studies, TBG Total Wellness is your one-stop report for optimizing your nutrition, weight, body composition and endurance performance.

TBG Total Wellness analyzes your DNA data and provides you with three personalized Health Action Plans:

Nourish – The Nutrition Optimization Plan™

Thrive – The Weight Management Plan™

RunDNA – The Endurance Performance Plan™

Bundling three insightful reports for a great price, TBG Total Wellness offers some of the best value you'll find.

Read on below to learn more about Nourish, Thrive and RunDNA, which are all included in TBG Total Wellness.

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Nourish Nutrition Optimization

Spotlight App #2: Nourish – The Nutrition Optimization Plan™

Whether you're taking the first steps to positive lifestyle changes or are a hard-training athlete, optimizing your nutrition is one of the keys to success.

The Nourish DNA app was designed to end any confusion about what you need to eat to stay in peak condition. The Nourish report assesses 26 traits across 50 genes to provide nutritional guidance fit for those who engage in any level of activity.

Here are some of the insights you'll unlock in the Nourish report:

A Nutritional Profile – designed to identify the nutritional and dietary needs specific to your unique genetics, along with any potential micronutrient deficiency risk factors

Vitamin and Nutrient Recommendations – that take the guesswork out of identifying the ongoing nutrient support that your body needs

Supplement and Dietary Guidance – so you can understand where you might need extra help in the form of supplements or diet modifications

Feeling and performing at your very best starts with eating well. Let the Nourish DNA app show you how you can get the most out of the foods you eat.

Thrive Weight Management

Spotlight App #3: Thrive – The Weight Management Plan™

As you might have discovered, your unique genetics can present significant challenges when trying to manage your weight, body mass or lean muscle profile. For example, some of us have a genetic predisposition to obesity and a high body mass index (BMI). Others struggle to put on any weight at all, no matter how much they eat or train!

The Thrive DNA app analyzes 16 traits and 22 genes, providing a deeper look into how your body functions to help achieve your specific body composition goals.

Inside the Thrive report, you'll learn about:

Dietary Factors – including a customized breakdown of which nutrients may be most important for your health

Your Eating Behaviors – understand your predisposition to behaviors such as snacking, mindful eating or binge eating and what steps you can take to move forward

Sleep Factors – learn how your genetics impact your sleeping habits and the quality of your sleep, which can in turn influence your dietary choices

Stress Responses – with insights into your cortisol hormone levels, how your body handles stress and action steps you can take to reduce it

Reaching your weight management goals requires working with your body, rather than against it. The Thrive DNA app by Toolbox Genomics is a fantastic resource that will help you achieve success.

RunDNA Endurance Performance

Spotlight App #4: RunDNA – The Endurance Performance Plan™

Your heart is racing, your blood is pumping, and your muscles are burning to signal for more oxygen. If you have ever competed in an endurance event, you likely know these feelings well!

Your body's response to the intense stimulation provided by endurance training is influenced by a variety of factors, such as your cardiovascular system and cellular metabolism. In turn, these systems are influenced by your genes, impacting your ability to train for, perform in, and recover from endurance exercise.

The RunDNA DNA app assesses 24 genetic traits across 47 different genes which have been identified as critical for the health and performance of endurance athletes.

Here are some of the science-backed insights you'll receive in the RunDNA report:

Endurance Indicators – understand how far you can push your body with indicators like VO2 max, lactate threshold and more

Training Recommendations – with advice to help reach peak endurance performance by leveraging your genetics

Rest and Recovery – with strategies to help your body adapt to the rigors of endurance training while limiting injury risk

If you've got that next marathon, CrossFit championship or sports tournament in your sights, the RunDNA report can help ensure you have the genetic edge.


The above are just four of the many DNA analysis apps available at Be sure to visit our DNA App Store to view all of the DNA apps, many of which are free. Apps can analyze DNA data from any DNA test such as Ancestry, 23andMe, MyHeritage and Dante Labs. Simply upload or import your DNA data to get started.

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