August 6, 2019

DNA App Spotlight: 5 Insightful DNA Apps from Silverberry Genomix

In this week's edition of the DNA App Spotlight, we're proud to highlight DNA apps from Silverberry Genomix, a DNA lifestyle company that uses artificial intelligence and genetic assessments to optimize your health, wellness, and lifestyle.

Silverberry Genomix offers 11 different DNA apps in the App Market, providing a variety of deep insights into your genetics.

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Now, let's take a quick look at some of our most popular Silverberry Genomix DNA apps.


Comprehensive Wellness DNA App

Spotlight App #1: The Comprehensive Wellness Report

Touted as the "world's most comprehensive DNA assessment for optimizing wellness," Comprehensive Wellness is one of our most popular DNA apps. 

Comprehensive Wellness analyzes more than 140 genetic traits, comparing with data from more than 2400 scientific studies. As the name suggests, it's one of the most "comprehensive" DNA or genetic reports available today.

Here are some of the areas of focus in the Comprehensive Wellness report:

Nutrition – find out whether a particular type of diet is optimal, if you're at risk of nutritional deficiencies, or have a genetic intolerance to foods
Sports and Exercise – 
optimize your preparation, training and recovery regimen using your genetics
Skin Care – 
including details about photoaging, skin dryness, tanning ability, inflammation and more
Allergies – 
learn about your sensitivity to dozens of different food and environmental factors
Personality Development – 
do you feel impulsive? Extroverted? Sociable? Find out what your genes have to say about your personality

With the typical Comprehensive Wellness report spanning hundreds of pages, you're sure to discover some amazing details hidden in your genes.

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Personality DNA App

Spotlight App #2: The Personality DNA Analysis Report

Do you consider yourself a "morning person?" Or, more of a "night owl?" Are you skilled with musical instruments, or do you lean more towards analytical pursuits like solving puzzles?

The Personality DNA Analysis report helps you to explore your genetic personality profile, your learning predispositions, and your interpersonal tendencies. It's your "one-stop shop" for insights into the "why" behind your moods and behaviors.

Inside the  report, you'll learn about:

Your Personality Profile – including characteristics such as anger response, impulsivity and optimism

Skills and Aptitudes – learn about your genetic predisposition to creativity, math, reading and learning

Mood and Attitude – assess how your genetic makeup influences your empathy, leadership potential, and agreeableness

Few DNA apps offer such detailed insight into how your genetics influence your personality. Check out the Personality DNA Analysis report to learn more about you.


Vitamin Balance DNA Report

Spotlight App #3: The Vitamin Balance DNA Report

As you may know, vitamins are important essential nutrients that perform critical roles inside of your body. Given their importance, it should come as no surprise that if you take a multivitamin or other vitamin supplement, you're in good company. More than half of Americans take vitamin supplements to help improve or optimize their vitamin balance.

But, aside from regular testing, how can we be sure that these supplements are helping, or even necessary? Some of the answers lie within your genome, and can be unlocked with Silverberry Genomix's Vitamin Balance DNA report.

The Vitamin Balance report analyzes your genetics to provide crucial information about 17 essential vitamins:

Trait Reports – showing which genetic traits you have or may be lacking on a per-vitamin basis

Risk Assessments – learn whether you are genetically predisposed to a deficiency, suboptimal vitamin absorption from food, and more

Recommendations – including how to optimize your vitamin intake and when you may want to consider supplementation

If you're looking to optimize your vitamins and essential nutrients, take a look at the Vitamin Balance report.


Longevity DNA Report

Spotlight App #4: Longevity

There are few certainties in life, but aging is undoubtedly one of them. However, while aging itself is inevitable, "how" we age, in part, is left up to us as individuals.

Your unique genetics play a significant role in the aging process. Understanding these factors can help to inform your lifestyle choices and influence how your body changes as you age.

The Longevity DNA app is your personalized guide to optimizing your longevity. Using your genetic information, this app offers insights into a variety of areas related to longevity:

Cognitive Capabilities with information about memory performance, mental aptitude and more

Sensitivities including sensitivities to foods, chemicals, and environmental factors

Injury Risks explore how your genetic makeup makes you more or less vulnerable to joint, ligament and tissue injuries

Exercise Benefits with specific recommendations on how to age gracefully by keeping your body in peak physical condition

Young or old, it's never too early to leverage your genetics to increase your longevity. Try the Silverberry Genomix Longevity app as the first step towards a longer lifespan.


Weight Loss DNA App

Spotlight App #5: Weight Loss DNA Report

For many, managing their weight is a significant challenge that can feel like an endless struggle. Whether you are trying to gain weight or lose it, you are facing an uphill battle if you are working against your genetics.

Silverberry Genomix's Weight Loss DNA app provides an empowering report packed with genetically-tailored insights for decreasing your body fat while optimizing your nutrition and fitness.

The Weight Loss DNA app offers 28 different reports, each filled with information about how your genetics impacts these key areas:

Your Weight Profile – including your predisposition for developing lean body mass, becoming overweight, and more.

Exercise Benefits – with insights about what the actual benefits of aerobic and anaerobic exercise are for your unique genetic biology

Muscle Building learn more about your potential for muscle development, injury, cramps, soreness and more

Fat Metabolism understand your predispositions to fat and how your body metabolizes it

Sugar Metabolism find out more about your "sweet tooth," snacking habits and how your body responds to sugar

If reaching or maintaining a healthy weight is one of your goals, consider trying out the Weight Loss DNA app today.


The apps discussed above are just five of the many DNA analysis apps available here at Be sure to visit our DNA App Store to view all of the DNA apps, many of which are free.

Apps can analyze DNA data from any DNA test such as Ancestry, 23andMe, MyHeritage, LivingDNA and Dante Labs. Simply upload or import your DNA data to get started.

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