Cardiovascular Heart Health & Inflammation | DNA App Spotlight
July 29, 2019

DNA App Spotlight: Heart Health, Inflammation and Essential Minerals

DNA App Spotlight for Cardiovascular Heart Health, Inflammation and Essential Minerals

Welcome to the DNA App Spotlight! In this week's edition, we're proud to showcase three new apps from SelfDecode: Cardiovascular + Heart Health, Inflammation, and Essential Minerals. Combined with your genetic data, these DNA apps will help you understand and manage risk factors for a variety of severe health states.

Cardiovascular DNA Wellness Report

Spotlight App #1: The Cardiovascular DNA Wellness Report

Would you consider your cardiovascular system to be "healthy?"  As you may know, heart disease and its related complications are one of the top causes of early death in many countries around the world. 

What you may not know is that your genetic makeup plays a significant role in how your body deals with cardiovascular stresses. And your genes directly impact your risk of developing certain cardiovascular diseases. 

Eating a healthy diet, committing to regular exercise, and avoiding smoking are all ways to improve your cardiovascular health. But, for those who are genetically predisposed to a higher risk of heart or vascular diseases, lifestyle changes may not be enough. 

We're proud to introduce the Cardiovascular DNA Wellness Report available now on The Cardiovascular DNA Wellness Report analyzes your genome to help you understand your risks and prevent serious adverse health outcomes. 

Here's what you will learn in your Cardiovascular DNA Wellness Report:

Potential Heart Complications – learn about your genetic risk of suffering from atrial fibrillation, congestive heart failure and more

Potential Vascular Complications – understand your genetic risk of high blood pressure, stroke and coronary artery disease

A Personalized Risk Score – providing valuable insight into your particular genetic makeup and predispositions

Heart and Vascular Wellness Advice – specific to you and your genome, better informing your health decisions

Young or old, there's no better time than now to begin taking better care of your heart. Your personalized Cardiovascular DNA Wellness Report makes a great starting point.

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Inflammation DNA Wellness Report

Spotlight App #2: The Inflammation DNA Wellness Report

Millions of individuals across the globe suffer from inflammation and associated conditions, ranging from mild seasonal allergies to chronic states like asthma. For some, inflammation is little more than a few occasional sneezes or itchy, watery eyes. For others with advanced arthritis, it can mean significant pain and limited mobility.

Inflammation is part of your body's system of immune responses. As such, it may come as no surprise that your genetics play a significant role in how inflammation works. Genes like APOC1, PABPC4, and HBB detect inflammation signals, while others like HNFA1 and CR1 promote the inflammation response. There are even genes like HNF4A and SLC22A5 responsible for reducing inflammation.

Now, you can use your genetic data to gain a much deeper understanding of your triggers and risk factors for inflammation. Use our Inflammation DNA Wellness Report, which analyzes 96 different genetic markers to share insights such as:

Inflammation Risk Factors and Traits – including respiratory, mouth, skin, bone, gut and brain inflammation

An Inflammation Management Plan – with general, lifestyle and DNA-specific steps that you can take to reduce inflammation

Inflammation Treatment Options – including lifestyle choices, supplement recommendations and other options to discuss with your medical practitioner

If you're ready to take the first steps to reduce or eliminate inflammation, be sure to check out our Inflammation DNA Wellness Report app.


Essential Minerals DNA Report

Spotlight App #3: The Essential Minerals DNA Report

Essential minerals are defined as chemical elements that we need to sustain life, but which we cannot create ourselves. Minerals like sodium, calcium, zinc, iron, potassium, and others perform critical roles in our body's ecosystem. Deficiencies in any of the essential minerals can lead to severe health disorders, especially over the long term. 

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is an obvious first step in maintaining nutritional health. But if you are genetically predisposed to a mineral deficiency, you may need to do a bit more to stay healthy. For example, deficiencies in Vitamin D levels can, in turn, affect the absorption of calcium. In tandem, these deficiencies can lead to osteoporosis later in life.

Your unique genetics influence how your body absorbs, uses, and eliminates essential minerals. The new Essential Minerals DNA Report helps you to understand and manage your genetic risk of essential mineral deficiencies, so you can act before it's too late.

Some of the insights you'll gain from the Essential Minerals DNA Report include:

Deficiency Risk Assessments – including a breakdown of how your genome might be affecting essential mineral levels in your body

Essential Mineral Profiles – with a genetic profile for essential minerals including iron, sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and zinc

A Balanced Nutrition Plan – with personalized tips on how to balance essential mineral levels with foods, supplements and lifestyle changes

Essential minerals are just that: essential! Keep your body in peak nutritional health with the Essential Minerals DNA Report, available here at

The above are just three of the many DNA analysis apps available at Be sure to visit our DNA App Store to view all of the DNA apps, many of which are free. Apps can analyze DNA data from any DNA test such as Ancestry, 23andMe, MyHeritage and Dante Labs. Simply upload or import your DNA data to get started.

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