August 21, 2019

DNA App Spotlight: Detoxify Your Body, Better Skin Care, and Personalized Fitness

DNA Analysis App Spotlight for Environmental Toxins, Nutrigenomics and Skin Genes

This week, our DNA App Spotlight shines upon three great apps from GeneInformed. Over the past six years, the experienced geneticists and DNA experts at GeneInformed have been hard at work, improving health and wellness through genetics.

GeneInformed's DNA apps pair original research with up-to-date scientific literature and use bioinformatic tools to provide recommendations that fit your DNA.

Let's explore three of the most popular GeneInformed DNA apps available in the App Market.

GeneVironment: Detox & Anti-Aging

Spotlight App #1: GeneVironment: Detox & Anti-Aging

As you may be aware, your body is continuously working to defend you against toxins in your local environment. From the foods we eat to the chemicals we're exposed to, health hazards can be found almost anywhere.

Our unique genetics dictate whether we are more or less efficient at processing certain toxins. If we are predisposed to a deficiency in some way, it can lead to toxins building up and causing health issues, including early aging or cancer.

GeneVironment: Detox & Anti-Aging is our most popular DNA app offered by GeneInformed. The GeneVironment app analyzes dozens of your genes and enzymes responsible for metabolizing toxic agents and chemicals. The GeneVironment report then makes recommendations on how to limit your health risks and detoxify your body.

Here are some of the insights you'll gain in this report:

Endocrine Disruptors – with guidance to your risk for hormone disruption from toxins that mimic your hormones

Potential Carcinogens – with a detailed look at toxins that can lead to increased cancer risk, including those caused by BBQing meats

Common Household Toxins – including how you may be genetically predisposed to health issues from toxins like benzene, bisphenol-A, phthalates and more

Environmental Toxins and Pollutants – helping you to understand  whether you are at elevated risk of response to toxins found in foods, beverages and your local environment

There's no better time than now to learn which chemicals, pollutants, and other toxic agents to avoid. Invest in the GeneVironment: Detox & Anti-Aging DNA app and in the knowledge needed to detoxify your body.

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Skin Genes

Spotlight App #2: Skin Genes

What is the largest organ in the human body? If you answered the skin, you're correct. With a surface area of more than 20 square feet, the skin accounts for 6 to 10 percent of the average adult's body weight. 

Our skin serves many purposes. It protects us from the elements, defends us against bacteria and microbes, and maintains our body temperature. And, of course, it displays our appearance for the world to see.

With such an important role, it's little wonder that we invest in skin care regimes. But, did you know that your genetics play a significant role in the success of your skin care regimen?

The Skin Genes DNA app from GeneInformed can help you build a skin care routine personalized to you. The Skin Genes report report offers cosmetic, lifestyle, and other recommendations that are specific to your genetic makeup.

In the Skin Genes report, you'll learn about:

Elasticity and Wrinkling – including genetic tendencies to form wrinkles or sagging skin

Hydration and Moisture – to help understand your skin's natural lubrication levels and risk of dryness or sun sensitivity

Pigmentation and Coloring – find out if you're at risk of dark spots, melasma, or hyperpigmentation

If you want to get the most out of your skin care regimen, check out the Skin Genes DNA app.

Personalized Fitness

Spotlight App #3: Gene-In-Form Personalized Fitness

According to some studies, genetics can determine up to 90 percent of an individual's athletic performance. Whether you are an amateur athlete or are competing at the professional level, training, rest, and rehabilitation are areas where your unique genetics play a role.

The Gene-In-Form Personalized Fitness DNA app uses your DNA to help maximize your athletic potential and limit injury risk. Inside the Gene-In-Form Personalized Fitness report, you'll learn about your body's inherited advantages, disadvantages, and responses to the stresses of athletic training.

Here are some of the athletics-related traits awaiting you in the Gene-In-Form Personalized Fitness report:

Muscle Composition – understand your muscle fiber composition, your lactate profile and how you are likely to respond to training

Respiratory and Circulation – with details about energy production, VO2max and other genetic markers for aerobic fitness

Elevated Injury Risk – including risk of ACL strains or tears, meniscus injuries or Achilles tendon issues

If you're serious about athletic performance, be sure to check out the Gene-In-Form Personalized Fitness DNA app today.

The above are just three of the many DNA analysis apps available at Be sure to visit our DNA App Store to view all of the DNA apps, many of which are free. Apps can analyze DNA data from any DNA test such as Ancestry, 23andMe, MyHeritage and Dante Labs. Simply upload or import your DNA data to get started.

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